Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

psycho rampaging assassin

lots of killing, some innocent, some not

After returning the girl home, the party decide to go after Darius 2nd. They approach the road where the black coach is said to frequent. The party climb into the carriage. Inside the carriage it is a dark red velvet and leather interior. Centre of the floor is a bottle holder with goblets around it. The doors close and it is almost pitch black. After an hour it starts to rain. Without warning the rain turns into a raging snow storm. Marwin travels outside the coach on the coachmans seat. He hears moaning coming from the snow. He informs the others. Laith decides to climb out and on top of the coach. He slips and almost falls off. Marwin ties himself off and helps Laith. After 6 hours of travelling they reach a mountaiin range with a castle in it. A gate is in the wall and a bridge. There are 4 towers on each corner of the castle. NW tower is a slim minaret with a peaked top. NE tower look like an attic with windows. The surrounding landscape is covered in snow with carriage marks leading to castle gate. Marwin notices no hoofprints or carriage marks on bridge itself. The carriage veers over towards a chasm and the horses start to trot in mid air. There is an invisible bridge. The gates swim open as the carriage approaches. There is a steep ramp surrounded by steep walls. To the left a row of spikes are on the east wall with skeletons attached. The ramp is about 20 metres long with a door with swords above it. The coach enters the courtyard. To north are icy towers. There are sounds of the portcullis closing behind the party and carriage. There are 2 storey buildings all around the courtyard. There is a low parapet with a well with twisted figures. A ballistrade is leading up wall will statues on either side. Tower to the east is 5 storeys high. Sounds of screeches and flapping coming from there. Statues are along the wall and look tired and stooped. The horses and carriage stop, the party get out. Raven walks towards the staircase and arrows start shooting at her.She avoids the first one and sprints towards the staircase. The snow turns to mud in front of the stair. She vaults over the mud and continues up the stairs. The plinth statues that were here are now alive. Laith follows. The party attack the little men statues. Raven reaches the top of the ballistrade at the brass door and waits for the party while they deal with the statues. Deowine talks to remaining staue and then kills it. The party join Raven at the doors, she picks the lock. Deowine kicks it in only to find 8 zombies waiting behind it. He taunts the zombies but they ignore him throughout the battle. Eventually they are killed. On the 1st floor there are 2 suits of plate armour mounted on stands beside a door. Deowine takes them down and strips the skeletons from them. A nearby tapestry on the wall shows a figure in white performing a ritual in front of a crystal. Raven tries to open the door, it doesnt open. Deowine trie to push it open and again it wont open. Raven knocks on the door but nothing is heard. Deowine finds a nearby floor mosaic with a missing piece in the middle. There is another door nearby in sw tower. They take that. It is a heavy metal bound door. Deowine pushes it open and they enter a warm room with a fireplace and a cauldron over it. There is rack of crossbows in here. A black armoured figure rises from a stool. It speaks. Raven rushes it, Deowine walks towards the crossbows and refuses to enter combat. Raven kicks the cauldron of boiling oil at the figure. The oil trickles down 6 holes in the floor. The party kill the man. Deowine takes its head and starts to taunt it. Then he strips it of its armour to reveal a pig like creature. There is a spiral staircase leading down and a ladder leading up. Deowine climbs the ladder to the rook, sees a guard, grabs him and pulls him down the ladder. It is another frozen pig like creature. They go down the stairs. They enter a room with another staircase going down. There is a closed door with a jar of wolfsbane next to it. Deowine and Raven coat their swords in the wolfsbane and open the door. They are looking into a long corridor that was once a banqueting chamber. Low growling sound is coming from the darkness. A 2m tall wolf creature is coming towardes them. They close the door and hear a thump on the other side. They prepare themselves and open the door and attack the wolf. Deowine confuses it by telling it to sit. It looks at him puzzled.They kill it. Looking back at the door they enter through they can see from this side it a painting of someone. Around the frame it says Darius. The end of this room is 2 doors. NW and NE that look like they lead to towers. They leave these alone for the moment and go back to the staircase. Down the staircase they enter a corridor 10 metres long. Another 2 doors on the right side. The corridor turns left after another 10 metres. Deowine kicks open the 1st door. A room with torches on the walls. Its a plain stone chamber with a a basket with a rope attached. 4 oubliettes are here on the floor. A voice yells out for help from one of the holes. It says Darius is holding him here against his will. Deowine lowers a torch down and sees a grey seething mass with many eyes. He pulls the torch up and pees in the hole on the figure. Another hole has a suit of armour, another bats and the last one seems to be bottomless. They try the 2nd door. It has a torch with a lage grey man inside walking back and forth. It reeks in here like an open grave. Raven enters. The man attaks her, she dodges. He asks who she is. She replies death and i have come for you. It says good, about time. She tells him lie down, he does and she chops its head off. He has keys on him which they take, it seems he was a key caretaker. They investigate the 3 cells in here. Jernoff is in one, a fellow adventurer who has been here for many years and is now an old man. He was looking for a shard of Elven crystals. They let him out and Raven offers to take him back to the previous room for some food and drink. The party let her and she leads him off. Once in the previous room she pushes him into the oubliette with the grey seething mass and then rejoins the party, them not knowing what she did. There is another cell with the sounds of moaning. Deowine unlocks it, pushes Raven in and closes the door and wont let her out. It is actually a corridor so she sneaks down it to find anothe room with a rack with a man on it with 4 skeletons around it. She takes out her sword, races to the rack, dodges the skeletons, climbs on it and kills the man. She then gets off and continues across the room through another door, leaving the skeletons behind wondering what just happened. She comes to the end of a corridor with a shaft leading down. She turns around and goes back to the skeletons and start admonishing them for taking their time at killing the man. The rest of the party eventually decide to come and see what is happening and find Raven sternly telling off the skeletons. Laith smashes them all to pieces. They all go on to investigate the shaft. Raven climbs down and finds a mass of walking undead creatures at the bottom so she climbs back up and they leave it alone. They get the idea that these undead are not at rest as they want something. The party get the body of the key keeper and throw it down the hole hoping this body will put the undead to rest. They go back upstairs to the NW door tower. There are now indows or light but a circular staircase is leading up. Deowine goes up and hears noises and voices. The party follow. They find a carved oak door with bronze handle. 3 skeletons lying in front of the door with identical wounds on their chests. She knows there is a trap here but cant find it so she crouches down and crawls to the door and opens it. 3 spears come out just above her head and the door opens. Beyond is a bed chamber covered with thick dust. It has a mirror, set of drawers and a bed with a skeletal blond haired body wearing the remnants of a nightdress. They find a sheet of parchment with the following words…. You will soon learn that it is futile to resist me. my patron has promised that you will be mine forever. Perhaps a spell of confinement will teach you some manners. Signed D.



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