Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

Facing Lord Darion

In the NE tower there are 2 doors, 1 on bottom floor, 1 on next floor.the party start at the base of the tower making their way up. The 1st door is solid and barred from behind. Raven inserts her sword through the door and Sir Cadwin lifts the sword and bar. The door opens, they enter. There are 3 dried husks of people lying here chained to the wall, they look like everything has been drained out of them. In the east corner lies a sarcophagous and a spiral staircase in the NE corner. Marwin finds a secret trapdoor by falling through it into a room below. It contains 6 coffins and a mirror on south wall. Upstairs Sir Cadwin is examining the dead bodies, they each have 2 holes in their necks. Below, Marwin is looking in the mirror and doesnt see the vampire that is about to attack him Sir Cadwin and Raven drop down to assist while Maust and Frosty stay above to shoot arrows at it. After dispatching the vampire the party take to examining the coffins. They are all empty except for one that contains blue mold which a fungus called Tombblight. Whatever it comes into contact with is destroys, so they leave it alone. The vampire had on it a gold signet ring, a scroll case which contains a treaty between Duke Darion and Ambassador Valain. The gist of it is that they will both support each other if needed. The party climb out of this room after Sir Cadwin breaks the mirror. They examine the coffin in theis room, it is identical to the one below and after much experimenting it turns out to be linked to each other and can be used as a transport device. They leave them there. The party take a short rest before heading up the spiral staircase. They are now in a round tower with a throne in it. There is a banner behind it and many tapestries on the walls. Sir Cadwin warns Raven NOT to sit in the chair, instead she investigates the chair and lifts an arm. The banner moves and changes into a staircase leading up to a door in the ceiling. She climbs up it and opens the door, revealing a room that is either a chapel or church. The banner collapses but not before Raven manages to grab the side of the door and pulls herself up. She enters under a table to see a man in purple robes at an altar with a skull. The rest of the party follow. Frosty goes up behind him and taps him on the shoulder, startling him. He is the priest of this place and wants to know if we brought a sacrifice. He is worshipping RIMFAX. Sir Cadwin attacks him and 2 bat like humanoids descend from the roof and attack. After killing the bats, Sir Cadwin bandages the priest up and ties him up for questioning. In the room the skull is lichen covered with horns on it and snakes intertwining between the eyes. In the altar is a spare robe, a censer and a small jewellery case containing 6 black gems. Sir Cadwin wakes up the priest. The gems are curses for whoever owns them. The party leave them be. The Duke is in this tower somewhere. There is a staircase leading up which leads to an octagonal room with 8 doors. Sir Cadwin brings the priest along. This room has a 4 poster bed with a thin shruken man lying in it. There is a fireplace with a roaring fire contained in it. Raven puts the spear through the man in the bed and it turns to dust. Sir Cadwin investigates the 8 doors, flipping every bit of furniture he can find in the process. He then douses the fire. Found in the various rooms are 6 bottles containing arsenic and ground glass mixed with liquid. Sir Marwin climbs inside the fireplace and finds a ladder, he starts to climb up but gets paralysed half way up. Raven opens a tower window and climbs out and up the walls of the tower to the next window above and enters. In here is a man in Ermine looking down the fireplace ladder. Raven attacks with the spear, misses, he starts to cast something and she drops a vial of smoke, dodges and moves past him, good thing as it was a fireball and would have fried her. Downstairs the party have worked out that Marwin needs a code word to move which they work out is Rimfax. Upstairs Lord Darion has Raven semi paralysed and is interrogating her. She can only speak truthfully and tells him why she is here and who sent her. She also asks if she can serve him in any way she can, she craves the sight of blood and wants power. He thinks this over for a few minutes. Meanwhile Marwin has released himself of the paralysis and climbed into the room to hear Lord Darion say WE HAVE A DEAL. KILL HIM FIRST. Raven turns on Marwin who fights back and knocks her out as he thinks she is under some spell to control her. The reest of the party enter and Sir Cadwin picks up the spear tha tRaven has dropped and kills Lord Darion with it. The sword above Ravens head disappears, 1 curse has been lifted from her. Just to be on the safe side Marwin ties her up and puts her next to the tied up priest. When she wakes up she manages to bluff her way out of situation by saying she didnt know what happened. In the room there is a magic plate armour, chest,portrait and a white sheet wrapped over an orange crystal and a magic ring.They untie Raven and she opens the chest to find some money, assorted gems and jewellery, a round silver mirror which is a scrying mirror. The have found another crystal that matches the previous one. Marwin puts them together and they fuse. A voice sounds YOU MUST FIND THE THIRD. GO TO GULLETS HOLLOW. READ THE PARCHMENT. READ IT WELL. The parchment that they found earlier says FABIAN INVITES DARING MEN.YESTERDAY THE OTHER WARRIORS EAGERLY RODE THEIR HORSES EVER NEARER THE HIDEOUS ENEMY. EXHAUSTED YET EXHALTED. MEN OF UNDAUNTED TRUST. TALL HEROES AGAINST NAMELESS DARKNESS. SWORDS WIELDED OVER RISING DOOM. After much deciphering of this the party realise it says FIND MY TOWER THEN THE EYE MOUTH HAND SWORD. Without warning Raven goes into a healing trance, hoping the party will carry her back to the village. Sir Cadwin flips some more furniture. They decide to wait a day in this tower to rest up. Raven wakes up feeling refreshed. Some time during the night the priest has escaped. The party investigate the last tower and find nothing of interest. They go back to the village and enquire about Gullets Hollow. There was a wizard called Fabian and he had a tower in the forest. Gullets Hollow is on the coast.



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