Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

Box of Old Bones

players present Susan, Chris and Mark

The sword that was dipped in water is the sword the party have to return to Kaval to remove the curse over Raven and Laith’s head. Back at the castle, Raven keeps having dreams about the sword and a ruined fortress in Norham. The Baron gives permission for three people to leave and are given horses to travel with as long as they are kept intact and returned in one piece. Before they leave Marwen visits the castle library for details on the location of the fortress. It is either located near a pub called Gulleys inn, a logging village called Treyfell or near Osterlin Abbey. They decide to head for Osterlin Abbey. The trip along the road is uneventful. On the south side there is plains, on the north side swamps. There are people in fields, some look like bandits but dont bother the party. Very few inns on the road. Pass through various small villages and arrive late in the afternoon in Treyfell. Everything here is made from wood. There is an outdoor marquee bar. Only one stone building here which is the church. Enter the church. It is a small church, pews are stacked up either side of the walls with an altar at the end. Snoring is coming from behind the altar. Lying on a sack is a very young looking priest. Father Stan is about 17 years of age. Marwen helps to put the church back together after a lumberjack party was held here the night before. Laith asks about board and lodging and are directed to another house. They are told to follow the river as the abbey is located on the river. Marwen still putting the pews back when Raven notices the priest is a woman. Laith casts a spell and determines that she has several protection spells on her. she is wearing a magic ring that protects her mind. She confides in Marwen hat she has to send 10 florins a week home to her family to help support them. She is taking the money from the church collection. They decide to leave her alone as she is not hurting anyone. They stay in the church overnight and head off in the morning. The river is fast but not dangerous so they swim the horses over and follow the river. It is late afternoon when they reach the Abbey. There is a brook running off the river, peasants working in the fields and the abbey has defensible walls around it. Poor people are carrying bundles of pork and grain away from the abbey. They cross the bridge over the brook and see a monk. Marwen approaches to seek information. He seems nervous. It seems Sir Notker and his retinue are here and a pilgrim group are due any moment, there is not a lot of room available for the night but they are given some beds in the monks quarters. They stable the horses and are led through the abbey to the bed pallets. Raven sneaks off to find the Abbott, Marwen and Laith go to the dormitory. A lay brother approaches Laith and he procures 3 beds from him. They are welcome to join the monks for supper after Vespers. This laybrothe knows something about ruins off to the west somewhere. Outside, Raven approaches the abbots house which is past the bridge and near the fish pond. She is showed into a small confessional and told to wait for the abbott. She gives him the goblet that she has been carrying around and spends the next several hours confessing her sins to him. Marwen goes to stables and notices the stableboy is Stans sister. Laith goes to vespers while Marwen talks to the stableboys. After vespes everyone convenes in the dining hall for dinner. The Abbotts table is very quiet and solemn. Sir Notker looks like a crusader. four men and a woman accompany him. They are three knights and a priest and the woman is dressed like a nun. Everyone is invited to the abbotts house afterwards. Raven finds out from father Willibrord that 10 miles out is an ancient ruined hillfort. Rumours are is haunted. Sounds like the place the party is looking for. Marwen talks to Sir Notker, he is on pilgrimage for attonement for the crusades. Then he talks to the priest. Meanwhile Laith talks to the woman who is in mourning for the death of her husband and now works for Sir Notker. Everyone retires for the night. RTaven gets woken up by a grotesque shadow standing over her. The strange shadow looks winged, smoke in the room. It turns out to be the shadow from a carved gargoyle outside. While looking through the window Raven notices a man sneaking around in the courtyard. He puts his hand in horse trough and pulls something out and disappears back into the cloisters. She puts on her invisibilty cloak and races out to follow the man. There is a flicker of light near the entrance to the church. No sign of the monks on duty here. She sneaks to the door but cant open it. She races back to the dormitory and wakes Marwen and Laith. They go back and see a monk and a warrior walking across the files heading towards the church door. Marwen and Laith take the direct approach while Raven continues to approach steathily under her cloak. They all enter the church. The knight strides down the middle towards the altar. There is a screen at the front that he steps behind. A noise of a drawn sword is heard from behind the screen. Notker is there holding a sword. Raven sneaks behind the altar while Marwen and Laith confront Notker. In the compartment are bones. He offers to bribe Marwen and Laith to go away. That doesnt work so Notker yelss that the party are trying to steal the bones and he is trying to stop them. The bones are relics. His party attacks so Raven sneaks up behind him and holds a knifee to his throat and his party stop attacking. They put down their arms. The woman threatens to kill the stable boy or stablegirl unless we let her go, she has them hidden away somewhere. Marwen takes control of Notker while Laith tells a monk to go and get the abbott. Raven, still invisible follows the woman. She runs to the stables and saddles a horse. Raven cuts the straps to the saddle and the woman rides off, only to have the saddle snap and the woman falls into the brook. She returns to the stable and starts saddling another horse. Raven does the same but ends up stabbing the horse which bolts and runs. She grabs another horse, Raven cuts the straps again and the woman falls off and dislocates her leg. Meanwhile the stable girl is found healthy. Raven is told about the finding of the girl and she follows the woman at a leisurely speed. Marion the woman now knows something or someone is following her and throws a dagger In Ravens general direction and misses. Raven shoots her and the arrow goes straight through the body. She finds nothing on the body and goes back to the abbey. Notker and his surviving men are being held in a locked room and awaiting trial. The bones were of Saint Giles, which turn out to be fake ones. Overnight, somehow Notker and his companions disappear. Marwen is allowed to use the library and confirms the ruined hillfort is where they need to go. They return the sword without any problems and the curse is lifted from Laith and Raven.



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