Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

attempted assassination of Baron Aldred

stuff happens at interesting places

At the castle of Baron Aldred, the hour is late as the party are standing watch o the battlements. Towards the hall a welcoming fire glitters through the shadowy windows when they hear a shout coming from the hall. A figure approaches the party, it is the Barons oldest son who stops and peers towards the tower. An attempt was made on the Barons life. Luckily his dog ate the food that contained poison. The culprit was Ulfader, a knight staying for the night. A horse has been taken from the stables and Ulfader has fled the castle. He orders the party to chase him and bring him back alive. Maus casts pursuit to help track him. He is heading towards Karrock bridge, and it is not long before the party find his tracks. He left the road and started travelling across land. They find his dead horse hidden in a ditch, it cant have been more than an hour ago. They continue to track him across the moors. Soon reach some hovels where dogs bark at the approach of the party. A door opens and a man appears. Ulfader passed not long ago heading towards Valour Hall. The hall is reputed to be haunted. A wooden man was buried there but he is still alive, covered in jewels and gold. They continue on and cross hills and moors to get to the hall. An ancient looking henge is here. There are drips of blood so the party follow them and arrive at the entrance to a barrow mound. There is stone door leading down with icikles hanging down. Maus breaks them down. A vestibule of wood and stone is just inside. A statue of a face with an eyepatch is carved here. There is a greasy patch in the area.Maus throws dust on it and it dissappears. She determines that the eyes on the statue are magical as is the floor. Marwin steps forward into the greasy area and nothing happens. Raven steps forward and continues down the hall. Nothing happens. There are murals on wall. The passage narrows further in down the barrow. Marwin casts warning. The tunnel is about 15 metres long with what looks like a pit further up the tunnel.There are passages to either side. They take them one by one. 1st passage has a curtain which Sir Cadwin opens to reveal a man standing next to a table and the smells of home made cooking. His name is Alfus and he invites them in to eat. He is wearing a gold torc around his neck and ruby studded bands around his wrist. Leith realises the whole room is full of sorcery and tells the others. Marwin and Sir Cadwin enter. Leith drinks with the man while they all ask questions about Ulfader. He has gone deeper into the barrow. The next passage has a cave in so they move onto the next one. It leads to a room full of hunting items. The next room has a couldren on its side and colours on the roof, Sir Cadwin goes back to talk to Alfus about them but he has gone. They reach the pit which has a very narrow bridge across it. At the bottom lies a pit full of snakes with a wooden pole with an egg shaped object haning there. The egg is magical. Raven is tied off with a rope and gingerly makes her way across the narrow path which is no more than a spike or a pole across the gap. She ties the rope off onto the pole and lowers herself down and grabs the egg. She throws it back in the general direction of the party and Marwin catches it. She climbs back up and continues inching across to other side where a door with curving lines is. She pushes the door open. It reveals a wide chamber with 3 gaunt figures, undead husks on cold slabs. They arise and start moving in on Raven. She retreats and carefully climbs back onto the spike pole path and walks backwards, goading the undead toward her. She stops half way just out of their reach so Leith and Sir Cadwin can shoot at them. One of them falls in, one throws a sword across the gap toward sir Cadwin, narrowly missing Raven on the way. It misses him. One advances onto the pole and slips and falls into the snake pit. The other one goes back into room and emerges with an arm full of plates which it starts throwing across the pit at Raven. She slips but manages to catch the rope and hangs there. Maus goes back into the other room and gets the cauldron which she puts into the snake pit for Raven to stand on while she waits for the last remaining undead to be dealt with. It tries to leap toward the cauldron but misses and ends up in the snake pit too. Raven climbs up and enters the room. It is rectangular with 4 doors. The western door has 3 swords embedded in it, the other 2 are made of stone. Marwin crawls across the pole to join her. No one else wants to risk trying to cross. Sir Cadwin, Leith and Maus go back to investigate the last door. The room has a few skeletons and broken items of pottery. They go back to the cave in and hear a noise, Its Ulfader. A fight ensues with the result of Ulfader being taken captive by Sir Cadwin. Maus goes back to the pit to tell Raven and Marwin they have Ulfader. Before they leave the two of them decide to investigate the doors. One leads to a room full of immeasurable wealth, too much to carry out of here. They decide to leave it and tell the Baron about it when they get back. The other rooms have mummies and another pit. The pit is endless and leads to hell. There is another passage leading off this pit to the side. Marwin attempts to jump across but fails and plummets to his death. Unknown to Raven, he activates his teleportation ring and arrives back at the castle where he informs the Baron of all that has gone on. Raven manages quite easily to climb around the pit into the next passage. It leads to a room with a stone idol of a man with a patch covering one eye. There is an aura above it. Its very old. Behind the statue is a drinking horn which she takes. Goes back and checks the door with the swords. The swords are cursed but she only manages to activate one of them and opens the door. It reveals a circular chamber with a figure of a warrior and also a figure of a crow headed woman. There is another drinking horn here so Raven puts the drinking horn she found here. The warrior statue comes alive and stretches out for the horn He is Ildiar the Pendragon. The woman is his goddess, Lahmfader. She is the goddess of all and everything. Before Raven leaves she asks Ildiar if he can grant her any power. The crow headed statue comes a live, steps forward and says she will handle this. She seems to like Raven and offers her power in exchange for being her avatar on earth. Raven agrees to this. She leaves and joins the party, saying nothing of what transpired. They take Ulfader back to the castle. Baron Aldred is waiting along with Marwin by his side. Ulfader is handed over and given a trial and executed for his crime of attempted murder. The Baron sends men to this barrow which is excavated for its many treasures and wealth. END SESSION

the egg removes poison and wards against danger and reduces critical hits against the person carrying it. Chris keeps it.



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