Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

Snake bite on the butt
Sleeping gods

The journey to the next town is not long. There is fields full of wheat crops. Le Cloche enters the fields for a call of nature accompanied by Sir Cadwin as guard. Le Cloche gives a cry of pain and Sir Cadwin turns and sees a yellow and black snake slithering away, it has bitten him on the backside. He wont die but he will be sick for a very long time. They carry him into town on the back of a horse, and inform the staring visiters of what happened to him. They tell the party to take Le Cloche into town meeting hall where a local wise woman will treat him. She arrives and ministers to him and then informs the party that he cant be moved for at least a week. A man in robes approaches, Bretwald the priest. He invites the party to come and talk with him later after they have seen Odo for accommodation. Visit Odo who puts everyone up for a small fee and they are invited to join the local harvest festivites going on. They join Bretwald at the church. He unfurls a parchment which is a map and has strange writing on it. It tells of the crypt of Velander. It says He who was king and will be king again. Velander was said to a mighty king and his brother Morgren betrayed him and killed him in a great battle. Velanders wizard Mathor found him and buried him with 12 of his bravest knights. It is located in Fengwin forrest which is a few days away. Bretwald hired a man called Agnor and his men to accompany him to find the crypt. An elf was seen in the forest so Agnor and his men attacked it and where they were all killed. Bretwald was allowed to stay alive as he didnt do anything to provoke the elf. He was give a cloak which soon got caught on a tree and started to unravel leaving a trail of twine to follow. Unfortunately no one can see it as it is very fine and can only been seen by moonlight.

back to the original adventure

it is night, the moon is almost full. It is raining. The party head upwards on a path into the forest. They soon enter a clearing with a chalky cliff face on one side. There is a horse tied up here, Deorwine unties it and reties it under the shelter of the trees. There are no footprints to be seen but there are claw marks on the chalky cliff face. It is about 10 meters high. Raven climbs the cliff face, about three quarters the way up a boulder start to fall down on her but she manages to dodge it quite easily. Down on the floor, the party can see 2 to 3 people up the top. Everyone starts to the climb the cliff as well. More boulders start raining down on the party. 2 of them hit Damoclese and Sir Cadwin who are knocked off the cliff. Laith manages to doge them but loses his grip and falls from a height of roughly 8 meters. Raven reaches the top and sees 5 men running away. Deorwine and Frosty reach the top and Deorwine takes chase but loses them in the forest. There is a path leading upwards in and easterly direction and another well worn animal track leading north. Deorwine finds some rope and ties it off so the rest of the party can climb the cliff easily. They head up the main path leading north. They soon hear a scream of terror coming from the forest followed by crashing sounds on both sides. It sounds like men running for their lives. The party forms up and cautiously moves forward. They reach a crude stairway and follow this upwards which soon reaches a crossroad heading north and south which seem to lead back into the forest. A white woman appears in the junction, she seems to be hovering in the air with stumbling figures walking behind her. She hisses, the ground trembles, she turns and leads the men away north. The party come to conclusion that this is the white witch that is stealing the children away. Maus determines the men are under an enchantment. They follow her from a safe distance. The path soon reaches a huge oak tree that has a small hollow with puppets dancing inside it. The puppets are exact replicas of the party members. Sir Cadwin tries to cut the ropes but suddenly cant move. Raven manages to climb part way into the tree and looks up. She sees a naked figure at the top of the tree. It says ooh the pretty one, i want a kiss. Raven says yes but it must come down. He wont unless he gets a kiss. She promises he will get 2 kisses if he comes down and outside to talk to the party. He agrees, while she is withdrawing from the tree she gets stuck in the hole and must be pulled out. The figure comes out, it is a naked goblin sorceror and he wants his kisses. She kisses him as agreed. His name is Urkus and his mistress told him to play with puppets to distract us. Heironymus makes an illusion of his mistress in an attempt to bluff him and make him tell us the location of her castle. It works and they find out it is located across the gorge. Urkus releases Sir Cadwin and they move on. They reach a deep gorge, there was once a bridge but it is gone and the gorge is filled with water. A door opens in a rock beside the gorge, it i a house. The door is inscribed with twisted symbols. Raven creeps up and a voice says come in and have some mushroom tea. They enter and see an old woman next to a fireplace and crystal ball. She is brewing tea next to a cauldron. Laith asks if she can heal, she gives him a mouse to eat which he does. She cant believe he actually fell for it and ate the mouse so she now gives him a healing potion. They ask about Fiona the white witch. Fiona was born many years ago, she was the daughter of a chieftan and was left alone most of the time so she roamed the forest for something to do. She found an inscribed shrine and soon adopted it as her own, she soon became a powerful priestess of this shrine and this god. The time came when she was old enough to be married to a man from another. The marriage went ahead and they were both very happy, she soon forgot about the shrine. She bore him a child and her husband Gerrant soon became chieftan. The day she gave birth a man called Strabo came to the village and went into battle with her husband killing him. He then took over the village and soon demanded the child to kill s he didnt want anyone of Gerrants line alive to contest his rule. She refused. He threatened to burn the village if the child wasnt handed over. Eventually the villagers took the child away from Fiona and handed it over to Strabo. Fiona remembered her shrine and went to it and asked for vengence against Strabo and the villagers. Now everytime a child is born, the ground opens up and the shrine appears and on the 3rd day that child disappears. It seems the villagers are being punished for something that happened in the past. The old woman hands Deorwine a broken sword and a necklace to Heironymus. The party leave through another exit that leads to the castle. Moving through the forest the party hear more crashing around in the forest and 2 big black dogs with glowing red eyes appear on the path ahead. Sir Cadwin picks up a stick and throws it in the other direction in an attempt at playing fetch with the dogs, it doesnt work, they attack instead. After they are killed the party continue throught the forest and soon find a house in a cliff. There are candles leading up the path to the door, it opens and Urkel is standing there winking at the party. He runs inside, Heironymus coaxes him out and headbuts him unconscious. They enter the house and climb some stairs that lead to a cave. There is a stone hearth with stone block with a stone cradle resting on top, the baby is not there. Deorwine puts a log on the fire for more light. He looks at the walls and notices there are figures carved into the wall, one of them is Sir Olver. There is a cracked archway which the party go down to a circular cave. There are hundreds of sealed jars in here with a pool of water in the middle. The jars cant be opened. Heironymus jokingly says someone should drink the water so Damoclese says ok and drinks. He disappears. Heironymus notices a cold wind coming from somewhere and investigates it. It starts to coalese into the form of the white witch. Sir Cadwin picks up the nearest jar and throws it at her, she catches it and says he will be the first to die for throwing her child at her. Deorwine talks to her and tries to convince her that what she is doing is wrongand that she is punishing the present day villagers for something that happened in the past. He shows her the broken sword that belonged to her husband and she wants to know where is came from. He answers Mab the old woman. Mab is apparently as old as Fiona is and is the one that betrayed fiona and ger her child to Strabo. She eventually sees reason, the storm outside stops and she starts to get angry. She turns into black smoke and turns and races up the corridor and disappears. The jars start exploding and a light is released from everyone of them. The cave starts to disintegrate so the party run back the way they came from. As they pass the wall of figures they see sir Olver and Damoclese walk out of it, they grab them and continue running. Outside sir Olver asks what happened and they tell him. He says he must get back to his estate and wife and runs off. The party follow. They reach the gate house and 2 men behind the wall start throwing javelins at the party and Sir Olver. Deorwine and Sir Cadwin raise their shields to protect him but one manages to damage him. As they appraoch the manor all the doors and windows close shut. Deorwine knocks on the front door and is told to go away. They refuse to open the door. Deorwine climbs up onto roof, ties a rope and swings down to break through a window. He lands on a man on a bed. The man is called Le Clok and he yells for his guards. Deorwine puts his sword to his throat. Downstairs the guards open the door and try to run out. Damoclese kills one and charges inside. the men are trying to surrender. Deorwine asks about the lady of the house, she is not there. Some villagers arrive and say she is at the inn with the baby and is safe. The man Le Clok needs to be taken for punishment, he is tied up. The party are all invited by Sir Olver to stay for several days to rest. Sir Olver asks if a they will take a letter to Baron Aldred in the town of Gorben and take Le Clok as well for punishment. They agree.

Reflecting on the past 2
local kidnapping

Nearing dusk in late Autumn somewhere near Baron Aldreds estates. The party reach a village called Ashmore. It is of moderate size. There is a manor house, several buildings and a mill. The mill will accomodate the party for the night for several copper florins each. The manor belongs to Sir Talard who is currently on crusade and the estate is being run by his wife Lady Bess. The party head toward the mill for the night but are stopped by a knight on horseback riding towards them. He is dressed in plate mail and wearing a sword. He has a vague Cornumbrian accent. He has a letter from Sir Talard that needs to be delivered to the Lady Bess. Sir Hasal is his name and served alongside Sir Talard in the crusades. He rides on. The party reach the mill. They knock on the door, an old man answers and lets them in. They hire his loft for the night and retire. Sometime before dawn they hear pounding on the front door. Kenriss opens it in just his pants, his back has been flogged at some stage. A man arrives and tells Kenriss that he understands there is armed men and women staying here and they must return with him to see the Lady Bess. She needs help and Sir Cadwin agrees as she is a damsel in distress.They go to the manor house. It looks very defensible. They are led into a room and are greeted by a 30 year old woman. It seems her childrens nanny was found murdered and her son is missing. The daughter was left alone. Sir Hasal stayed here last night and all evidence points to him doing the deed as he is no where in sight. She offers a reward of 100 gold florins for the return of her son Willis. Investigate the childrens room and the body of the nanny. She has had a sword thrust through her body and her throat has been ripped out. The shutters are opened, the party look out the windows and see a sword stuck in the ground below. Look outside, it seems there are no footprints, the only conclusion is that Sir Hasal flew out the window. But how could that be? Head back toward the mill as that seems to be the general consensus of where they went. The village is searched on the way, no sign of them. At the church, the priest says he saw some men at the mill 10 minutes ago. As they approach the mill there is sounds of a struggle and the front door has been broken down. Kenriss is inside fighting with 2 men. Sir Cadwin kills one, the other surrenders. They were hired to kill Kenriss by the knight Sir Hasal as he knew about the plan to steal the boy child. Kenriss says he was only payed to divulge the manor house security measures, nothing else. Kenriss must be handed over to the authorities to stand trial. Sir Cadwin ties up the guard and takes him outside, finding out that Sir Hasal is in a watchtower in the forest. Kenriss bribes Bess aka Raven to let him go, she agrees after he has given her 200 gold florins. He shows her where the money is located under his bed and she takes the money then kills Kenriss. If anyone asked he was killed in the battle with the men. Once outside Raven dresses as the other guard and goes with the alive guard to get his reward. The party follow at a safe distance. Sometime on the forest path the guard bolts, Raven shoots him and misses and he runs into the forest. Sir Cadwin runs into the forest but they loose him. After some time looking for him the party return to the path and reach a clearing with 2 exits. NE and SE. They take the SE trail and hear a voice coming from up in a tree. It is a man dressed in leaves and holding a crossbow. There are men in his house which happens to be the watchtower that the party are looking for. He wont show them the way so Damoclese starts cutting the tree down. Ratadon gives in and shows them the way. They reach a smaller clearing and stop as there is a pit trap. He refuses to continue so Nerzul intimidates him into continuing. He now mentions a secret passageway along the other path that leads into the cellar cesspit of his house. They decide to keep going on this path and turn the corner to see the watchtower up ahead. It looks 3 to 4 storeys tall with a round base and an enclosed yard. The party do a recconaisance of the area and find a single man in the yard. Forest surrounds the tower so they use it to their advantage. The closest they can get is within 10 metres without being seen. Raven now runs steathily to the tower, inches around the walls, vaults a low wall and grabs the guard in an attempt to slit his throat. She misses. He yells out that he is under attack. She says shut up, i am here to make mad passionate love to you, he yells out dont worry, no we arent to the guards inside. Raven starts to strip off and strip the guard of his clothes and tries to kill him again. She misses, he starts to stay something, she kisses him and pushes him to the floor and tries to kill him again. She somehow still misses and he starts to attack her. Back in the trees Sir Cadwin and Damoclese are taking bets on whether she succeeds in her seduction attempt. Sir Cadwin notices it is not going well and rushes over and skewers Raven accidently in an attempt to get at the guard. He eventually silences the guard but she is left inches from death. Sir Cadwin and Damoclese burst through the front door, kill the man standing there and then the man sleeping in the bed, and show off to Raven how you actually kill a man. They continue upstairs to the next floor where another man with an axe is stood there. Damoclese attacks him and takes his axe. As the man is dying he mutters use it well, its name…Damoclese says ok and uses it to split the mans head in two before he can say anything else. oops. They then head upstairs and find Sir Hasal stood in the doorway. He mutters something about an eye for an eye and it should have been Sir Talard that came for the boy. He starts to change into a demon. The party attacks him and kills him. Willis is nowhere to be found. They shout out his name and hear a voice coming from the cesspit. It seems Willis was trying to make his own escape. They rescue him and take him back to his mother. They stay the night. In the morning they are woken by a commotion from below. It is Sir Talard come home. They stay another night and eat and drink much brandy. It turns out that in the crusades the Sheiks son was captured. The Sheik had one day to surrender or his son would be killed by Sir Talard. The Sheik doesnt surrender so Talard was ordered to kill the boy which he did. They then went on to slaughter the sheiks town and people. The demon was out for revenge hence the eye for an eye comment.

Reflecting on the past

Ner’zul, Maus, Frosty Pegg and Bess recall an earlier adventure consisting of the 4 of them. They arrived in the town of Overdale in Albion. It is a cold night and they are dirt poor. They enter the Black Rose inn. They manage to scrape together enough money for a meal of cheese,bread and stone soup. Also some money to keep them out of pergatory. A tall blonde woman approaches and offers to buy them some drinks. She leads them to a partitioned table against the wall. She wants to have a delicate conversation with someone who could deal with a problem she has. The table next to the party are talking about treasure at the foothills of Pagan mountain near a lake. They will leave for the temple in 2 days time and say they will be back. Galadria wants to get the jump on them and go earlier so she hires the party to do so. They eat up and leave, Galadria accompanying them. It is freezing cold and pitch black outside. About 2am in the morning they stop next to a cave. This looks like a good place to rest. Bess throws a rock into the cave, nothing happens. She throws another one in and sounds can be heard from inside. They sound like a bear. Everyone climbs into positions ready to attack whatever is coming out, it is a boar. After dispatching the boar, Bess skins, chops, dices and proceeds to cook it, Ner’zul rests from her injuries from the boar and Frosty and Maus investigate the rest of the cave. Nothing else is there. Bess takes 1st watch, Frosty notices that Galadria is nervous. It seems there are Orcs in the vicinity. Bess investigates the immediate area and finds no traces so they all go to sleep. Frosty takes next watch then Maus. It is now morning and the boar is cooked so they all dine on roasted boar. They continue on through snow through several hamlets and dales until they see a sombre black chapel in the distance. Galadria says that is where they should be heading. As they go around the bend in the road they come across 5 Orcs all armed with short swords. The party make a surprise attack and swiftly kill 3, the other 2 run off. They approach the chapel, it is a stone building with heavy doors and shutters. There is another Orc inside that wont let the party in. After much arguing the party leave them and continue on. Galadria helps them to find the cave entrance, they enter. The steps lead upwards into the mountain. They enter a passageway made of stone. it is 15 metres long and at the end is a room 3m x 5m with corridors on either side. There are bits of wood stacked up at each corridor forming barricades. Behind the left one are some more Orcs. They wont leave as they say the cave temple is their property. Frosty quickly draws a black raven and some dates on the wall. Frosty and Bess try to convince the Orcs that the cave temple does in fact belong to Bess aka Raven and that the Raven on the wall is in fact proof. Bess notices a rope going from one barricade to the other and as the Orcs wont come out to investigate the raven on the wall she proceeds to go to the rope to pull it. The Orcs beat her to it and they pull the right barricade down and 4 skeletons come out and attack. The party make short work of them. Bess once again tries to convince the Orcs that she is defending her property and it nearly works but a new voice appears and talks to the party. He is Althelos and he wants the party to leave. They say ok and proceed to go down the skeleton corridor. He says stop and notices Galadria and says she is an elementalist of darness of Balor. She says she is not. The temple is dedicated to Balor. He asks again that we leave so we go down the skeleton corridor with Galadria in the lead. She seems to know where she is going despite her attempts to bluff her way around. They pass a corridor and a door. They stop at the door and open it. There is a corridor that widens into a room with stone boxes that resemble coffins. They leave them alone and continue back and follow the corridor to an empty end. Galadria finds a secret door. Bess not trusting her goes first into the room and is attacked by a flaming skull that jumps on her shoulder. They kill it and investigate the weapons room. There is a corridor going west and a door opposite. Galadria points towards the door. They open it and enter another corridor with a small alcove. She fiddles inside it and opens a secret door. It is now very obvious to the party that she does in fact know her way around this temple. She still says she doesnt. They enter a large chamber with black marble veined with quartz. There is an altar and on it is a large black stone head with gold eyes. It has a forked tongue. She wants the party to obtain it for her. It seems she is not worthy to touch it. The party wont either. She says we will survive if anything happens as we are worthy people. Ner,zul goes forward to try and move it. It will take 2 to move it and 3 people to carry it from here. A voice sounds behind us, it is the sorceror with 5 Orcs in tow. He didnt know the skull was here. He will let us leave with skull if we leave him in peace, he loans us the Orcs to carry it from here. The Orcs take up positions to carry the skull, the forked tongue comes out and a trap door appears taking an Orc with it. They carry the skull outside. Once outside they find the 4 men that were in the pub waiting for them. They say Galadria betrayed them. Bess, staying very close to Galadria as she still doesnt trust her, silently takes out her sword and runs Galadria through the back, just in case she double crosses the party. The 4 men, a knight, wizard, a barbarian and an assassin want the skull and the party try and trade it for money. They do not have enough money. They charge and attack the party. Ner,zul goes down unconscious leaving Frosty, Maus and Bess to deal with them. After they dispatch the men, they loot the bodies. They take the mens horses and make up some sort of sled to carry the skull back into town.

A new day, a new adventure

A few days ago a knight, Deorwine was called into his fathers chamber. His 2nd cousin was soon to give birth to a child and wants him to escort her to a midwife. He must gather his friends and companions to assist with this mission. They escort her to the midwife and travel further down the road to a village called Maidensvale. It looks deserted, there is a small square with a manor house. Beside the road is an oak tree with wooden stocks containing a man in them. He is surrounded by feral dogs and is being attacked by acorns that are being thrown at him by a squirrel. The dogs attack and the party kill them. The man Solly used to work with the midwife. Bess aka Raven, unpicks the stocks and sets him free. He protests that he has been set free and will be in more trouble now. It seems Le Cloche put him in there. They head to the manor house, every house seems shut up. Opposite the manor house is an inn, they enter, it is deserted except for one man. He calls a boys over who goes and gets the townsfolk out of hiding and they proceed to tell the party some information on what is happening. Sir Olver went to get rid of a lady called Queen Fiona. Her white house appears whenever a child is born. Sir Olver went to try and dispel the curse and has since disappeared. The party leave the inn and approach the local castle, it has a gate house. Talk to the soldiers who say a man and woman exited the castle into the forest.

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