Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

Velanders tomb

The party travels across country with Bretwald the cleric. They soon reach a choice, they can either go cross country and take a short cut or continue along the road. They take the short cut. Along the way they gather mushrooms and stop to chase sheep for lunch. Continue on and its soon dark. They set camp, 2 people are seen running towards them. They are kings messengers. They stop to talk. They have a message from Baron Gorbon to Ongus. They say the forest is haunted by elves. They stay the night and continue on in the morning. The party continues and soon reach a town where Bretwald goes into and returns carrying sacks and shovels. At evening he takes the party to the tree that has the magic thread tied to it. They follow it, walking all night and in the morning enter a clearing with a rock. There is an arch over the rock covering the doorway up. They dig out the doorway. After 2 hours they come across a solid oak door, open it and enter. There are stairs leading down to darkness. They light a lantern and descend. They are in a gothic corridor with a tapestry on one wall of warriors in battle. They pull it down, a corridor is behind it. There are cobbles on the floor. They enter a room. The floor is made of smooth black quartz with red glowing symbols on it. Hieronymus thinks the symbols are a map and takes a drawing of them. Thee is also a chest in here that Raven opens carefully but still manages to set off a gas trap. The party retreat until it dispels. There is 200 silver coins and a bag tied with human hair. Deowine takes it. They go back to the main corridor and 2 portcullises drop down trapping them in. They lift one and continue on. The passage leads on to a south corridor that is glowing, a western door and northern door. They go north and enter a long hall with a podium of grey marble with a silver goblet on top. There is another door leading on. The podium has a fave carved into it. As they approach the face starts blowing wind at them and they get blown back. Maus shoots an arrow into the mouth stopping it. Raven continues into the room when the face spits the arrow out. It blows Raven back out into the corridor. Deowine opens the bag and the air goes into it. He picks up the goblet and continue on. They enter a corridor with another corridor going eat west. They go east to a room with a bronze helmet against the opposite wall. Deowine steps into and gets stuck by fine strands of something. A giant spider starts descending towards him, he takes out his bag of air, points it at the spider and opens it. The air sends everyone way back into the corridor. Raven tumbles across the room, dodging the spiderwebs and retrieves the helmet which Deowine takes. It has a visor with a glass mirror attached. He puts it on and can see shadows. They continue the opposite way, setting off a giant swinging axe. Damage is taken by some members. The corridor is blocked by a purple energy barrier which is located between 2 alcoves. The alcoves have purple liquid and grey liquid. Deowine goes through the barrier and starts cowering in fear. Hieronymous goes through and is not affected. Everyone goes through except for Raven who refuses to go. They continue on a find an underground river with 2 quays. On the other side is a statue, it moves. There is a rope bridge. Meanwhile Raven decides to join them and drinks the grey liquid, turns slightly to stone and goes through the barrier. She drops in fear and starts screaming. Deowine and Laith hear her and go back for her. On seeing them she screams even louder and runs in the opposite direction. Deowine just laughs so Laith goes after her. She runs blindly through the complex and up a rope ladder into a cavern with a tree and a huge red dragon in there with a huge hoard of treasure.. She screams even louder and starts running circles around the chamber as she doesnt know where else to go. It starts talking to her which makes her scream even louder and running faster. Laith finally catches up and talks to the dragon. They try to calm her which doesnt work. The dragon puts a sleep spell on them both and when they wake up they are both cured of their ills. They sit down to have a nice talk with the dragon, Raven tries to seduce it but fails. His name is Fengal, he was a companion to the wizard Malthor who was Velanders wizard. They ask about various things including traps in the area and various monsters in the tomb. He mentions a Gorgon roaming the tunnels and a magic wand close by that shoots fire from one end and ice from the other end and if shot quickly enough it can break stone. They are allowed anything they find in the tomb but not his treasure hoard. She reassures him they dont want his treasure. She keeps it talking while Laith backs off and goes to the next room to find the wand. It is hanging from the roof spinning around. He reaches up and grabs it and comes back to Raven and Fengal. They eventually take their leave of the dragon and rejoin their companions who are getting nowhere trying to pass the statue. They dont mention anything about the dragon or wand or any information they found out. Deowine knows they are hiding something and retraces their steps back to the dragon who talks to him and repeats everything to him. He plays a rhyming riddle game with Fengal and earns some money. Deowine rejoins the group in time to see Laith using the wand on the statue to destroy it. The statue contained a short short which Deowine takes and they cross the rope bridge one person at a time. There is a short stairway beyond leading into a chamber with an altar. On the altar is a crucifix. Bretwald goes to the altar, kneels and prays. He cstands up, glowing briefly and wants to continue. There are double doors in the west wall and a small door in the north wall. Open the small door leads to an eat west corridor. East has red lamps hanging from the ceiling, as Raven goes forward they dim and turn redder. The corridor is an illusion with a huge pit barring the way. They retreat back the way they come. They try the double doors and enter a t corridor. Deowine notices someone in the shadows of the next corridor, puts his helmet on and jumps in front of it shouting ooedy boogedy. It is the Gorgon which Raven and Laith failed to mentioned to the group. Luckily he surprised it and it sees its own reflection and turns to stone. It was a sorceress called Elaine who was cursed into a gorgon. They open a door behind her which leads to a balcony. They can see a pillar of green light and in this light is a horse with a man wearing a crown standing there with 12 swords standing guard around him. There is also a gold casket. Go back and try the double doors. It leads into a dusty room. Grinning skeletons start hurling themselves at the party. They reatreat, slamming the door behind themselves. They open the doors again only to let one skeleton out at a time and soon dispatch them with little effort. They re enter the room to find a chest against one wall and a key. Raven takes the key and opens the chest which contains many things. Deowine uses the bag of air in the chest and it blows all the stuff out of the chest. It contained a quiver with 6 arrows, a gold robe clasp, 2 stopped glass jars, a parchment case with a scroll, a large silver sceptre and an ivory crucifix which Bretwald takes. The rest is divided up amongst the party. They go back to the balsony and start to descend the spiral staircase. Raven leads and sees some a pair of glowing eyes drifting towards her. It coalesses into a spectre of a man. It is Morgren. Raven tries to seduce it, and fails. Laith shoots the wand at it and misses, he dodges it. Bretwald yells out get the swords so Raven dodges past the spectre and manages to fall over the side of the stairs onto the floor below. Bretwald follows her. She grabs a sword and runs back up the stairs to join combat and throws it at Maus who misses the catch. It appears back in Ravens hand. They eventually kill the spectre and continue down the stairs to the gold casket. Raven opens it. It contains no treasure but a silver crown, a handfull of grain, a wooden cross, a simple ploughshare and a leatherbound book. Bretwald is mightily dissappointed there is no treasure. They journey back to town and find that Le Cloche is still in no fit condition to travel.



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