Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

off to the island

in the morning Captain Rakehill is waiting for the party. The streets seem to be deserted as the party follow a zigzag road leading off into the distance. There are white wailing figures in the distance. Raven shoots one, seems they are not ghosts but people trying to look like ghosts and trying to scare the party away. Maus restrains one. The one that was shot was the inkeeper. The one restrained works for Rakham the inkeeper. He wanted to rob the party. They now have 3 hostages. Raven goes on ahead and triggers a landslide that she dodges. She sees a person that set it and shoots him. The party catch up and they aarive at a cliff where there is an abandoned ruined tower. there are rocks leading down to a sandbar with ropes attached to them. Enter tower. It is full of driftwood which is from Captain Rakehill ship. Deowine climbs to the second floor with Sir Cadwin and Maus following, pushing the prisoners before them. Something hits the first prisoner and knock his head off. Its a stone figure with wings. After killing it the room is an observation room with slits at the top, a bed, bronze mirror, blanket, flint and tinder. Another set of stairs going up. It leads to a parapet with an ash remnant. Raven kicks it and finds a small corroded copper chest. Marwin determines there is something magical inside. some money and a small silver disc of a man immersed in water holding a cross. It is Saint Nautilus of the waves, the patron saint of drowning. The party go down the stairs and outside and head down the ropes over the cliff. Raven stays behind and sets fire to the tower so there will be no place for an ambush later, then climbs down and joins the party on a sandbar. the tide is currently low. There are three wrecked ships here. The party investigate the furthest one out It seems to be a reasonably new wreck called the Winged Flyer. There is a man shaped thing standing in the prow. Raven shoots a it, misses and the man points towards her and curses her. Deowine talks to it and it tells the party to kleave or die. He is covered in barnacles, gems and coins. He points to another ship and says that it has a terrible undead creature inside it and the last ship is empty. Raven shoots it again, he says stop it, she shoots it again twice and kills it. Deowine stays behind to flay the carcass of the man to get the gems and coins. The party go to the next boat. It has a wrecked hullk with a corroded chest. Sir Cadwin makes a deal with one of the remaining prisoners to open the chest in exchange for his freedom. The prisoner unravels the chains and opens the chest. It is full of sand, so he puts his hand in and pulls out a pipe. Marwin blows on it and there is a spell on it. The prisoner yells out Captain Sabre i have brought you a sacrifice. Something grabs Sir Cadwin. Cold is now coursing through his body. A semi transparent white captain is standing there. The party kill it. Sir Cadwin lets the prisoner go as agreed. Laith determines that there is no magic on this ship. Raven finds a bottle of liquid. They go to the last ship, the wreck is almost completely gone. There are footprints leading into a cave here. The tide starts coming in. Inside the cave, it is massive,dark footprints heading into the cave. There are drag marks indicating something as big as a ship was dragged through. They follow and enter a large cavern. Green phosphorescent light illuminates it. There is a battered hulk in here. Rakehill says its his ship. There are six slowly moving zombies coming out of it. The party attack and kill them. The ship seems to be intact. They go to the cabin. The box containing the crystal is not here. The remaining prisoner says an abandoned village on cliffs above has ghosts with a priest living in it. There are more tunnels here that branch left and right. Go left to another cavern with water. Its a well with coins in the water. Raven takes them. They follow another path that leads to a sinkhole. Go back the other way and hear chanting. Pure white light in eminating from here. Raven stealths up to the entrance and sees a black robed priest holding a dagger above a man. Hes also holding a crystal. She sneaks in and grabs the crystal out of his hand. The priest spins around and looks at her and casts a spell, which misses. She stabs him. Sir Cadwin arrives and yells at him to distract him. He now turns his attention to Sir Cadwin and misses. Marwin now arrives and the priest attacks him and misses. Maus arrives and attacks and they kill him. Sir Cadwin cuts the man on the altar free. They join the crystal to the other pieces and it forms a new crystal that starts glowing with prismatic colours. An image of Elveron appears and speaks. Rimfax must be destroyed. Albus must be found. Find the moon gate and open it. Raven puts the crystal into the moonlight. It glimmers within and a hazy pattern on the ground appear. They step in and arrive in icy moonlit night. Inside a burial mound and a dark opening. They enter. A chill is taking hold. An ancient Elvish script is here saying Albus. Savage howling is coming closer. Rimfax a large demon wolf is approaching. Party hide in the barrowmound. Cobweb tombed channel with a skeleton of an Elf is here. It is holding a two handed sword, with a chest at the bottom of an altar. Skeleton raises his hand and gives the sword to Marwin. Earth starts to fall down as Rimfax is burrowing down through the barrow. Raven asks permission and takes the contents of the chest. A torque, cloak, ring and a potion. They head back through the portal. Elveron appears again and says to put the sword in the river Ereworn. Marwin takes the sword, wades in the river and puts sword in. There is a sizzling sound and he takes it out and exits the river. END MODULE. cloak is a cloak of invisibility, Raven takes. The ring summons something to fight for the wearer and torque and potion are unknown.



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