Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

ned the hobgoblin

The party return to the ship and it continues up the coast on its journey. Beltaine town is about 25000 population large. the Duke is in a very small castle. It has 4 floors a mile and half outside of town. Deowine visits the town library and meets Marwin the Black, a warlock who seems to be in a hurry to leave town. They find out about Ereworn and particularly about Elveron and the elves. He passed on his knowledge and put up wards to protect people. Someone failed to re enable one of the wards one day and all the wards failed and bad things started to happen. This was approximately 30 years ago or so. Ereworn consists of small hamlets and the main town called Ereworn. the party must find one called Gullets hollow and go there by boat. They take the cheeky bottom, a galley with sails and oars. they sail up the east coast up to the top and on the 3rd day see a huge fire burning. They ignore it and continue along the coast entering the west coastline and find Gullets Hollow. It is not very big and consists of a pier and 6 buildings. They go visit old Amish the headsman. There are stocks in the middle of town with a man it. Continue on to find old Amish. The door opens by a young man who takes them to see Amish. A woman enters, it is Amish. She tell the party it would be wise to leave. If they want to go to Ereworn they should head north on the road to Elveron. They join a wagon heading north, its a very uneventful trip. Arrive in Ereworn. It is supposed to be the biggest town around. to the west is a rive with a forest that comes right up to the town. The fields are overgrown. There is a castle on the hill. Many doors to the huts are swinging open. 3 figures hang from the gallows. They enter the horned satyr inn which is very run down and very cold inside. Some men are sitting around a table. Sir Cadwin, Raven and Marwin are inside talking to the men. They are given drinks. The rest of the party enters after having tried to placate a dog outside of town. The chief talks to the party. He wants to pay 20gp for someone to enter the forest and return with old Ned the hobgoblins head. The party agree and are given rooms for the night. In the morning they hear a scream. Outside a girl is in a barrel being rolled off into the forest by a hobgoblin. The chief wants her found before dawn the next day. Follow the path the barrel made. 2 miles south is a black tower. They enter a clearing with fog. A moaning figure in bandages approaches and sir Cadwin interprets this as an attack and attacks the person. Raven tackles the figure to the floor and Cadwin starts to pull the bandages off. It turns out to be a leper. He tells about the tower. It had a powerful magician called Fabian inside who gave him a red stone. He gives it to the party in exchange for some food. He also gives a parchment that reads….. Fabian invites noble daring men. Yesterday the other warriors eagerly rode their horses ever nearer the hideous enemy. exhausted yet exulted. men of undaunted trust.hall heroes against nameless darkness. swords wielded over rising doom… anothe half hour into the forest they find a barrel. The girl is in a hollow tree with the hobgoblin. They attack and the hobgoblin explodes and both girl and hobgoblin have disappeared. Theres a pice of cloth in the tree. A thin trail w. A muddy trail eas. Follow boot prints east. the path is well used. Soon find a note attached to a tree…trespassers will answer with there lives… enter the clearing and there is lamplight coming from a cabin. Raven investigates. It has a stone chimney , a wood pile and windows. there is a woman in simple clothing preparing food. Deowine and Cadwin approach the door. Cadwin demands answers from her about Ned the hobgoblin. They leave and continue past the hut along a path. The mist becomes that thick they can hardly see the person in front of them. The path opens into a clearing. It is a glade with a river going through it. 3 mounds are herre. a path is going over the river.the river has a boat. Raven investigates the burial mounds. 1 is larger than the others. A creature rises out of the grave and talks to her. It wants her to undertake a case against Darion the 2nd. He demands vengeance. Darion the 1st was murdered by his brother along with his wife and child. He lives in his castle. Raven must do this or die. Since she has no choice she agrees. The rest of the party watching see a sword appear 2 metres above her head appear. She is unaware of this. The spectre gestures to a grave and request Raven dig up a gauntlet. While wearing the gauntlet Raven can remove a spear from a nearby oak tree and use it to kill the ghosts brother Darion the 2nd. The spear is glowing, embedded in an oak tree and surrounded by skeletons. Raven does as instructed and puts on the gauntlet and pulls out the spear. It is then she notices the sword above her head and asks Dariona bout it. It is the sword of Damoclese. She asks about Ned the hobgoblin. Must go south over a road and a river and find him in a well. The body of his wife is in the river somewhere. DFarion castle is east up the road. It will take a day to get there. They continue across the river to find Ned. They come across a hut in a clearing. Raven enters and the hut door closes. It rises up on stilts and takes off running into the forest. The party takes chase and attack the hut. They kill the hut. They emerge onto a road. Hear hooves and a black carriage with 4 black horses appear. It leaves. Along the road tress loom over each side. They reach 3 gallows. A womans body is hanging here surrounded by black figures in shadow. 6 ghouls emerge and attack. Raven cuts her down while the party deal with the ghouls. She is Elan, one of the last of the cunning folk. She was travelling to a monastery. It has a chalice that no one can touch. She dies before she can say more. The continue on the path to the river. Footprints near the river plus a piece of a girls dress. There is a boat. A man appears, his name is Thomas. He smells full of cologne. He accompanies the party across the river. Both Raven and Cadwin push Thomas over the side of the boat. He comes back as a bat and attacks. Raven dives out and swims to the nearby island. The others continue rowing on and land on the far side of the river. Eventually reach a clearing witha well. Hobgoblin tracks lead to a well. It is a bout 10 metres deep. Back on the island Raven finds a chapel partly inruin. There is a beautiful silver chalice with light shining down on it. She approaches the chapel and takes the chalice. She swims back a cross the river and eventually joins the party. Deowine and Marwin climb down the well and find a secret latch. It opens into another passage with a door mat. They hear a call for help. Deowine charges in. The rest of the party climb down. The girl is behind a curtain tied to roots of a tree. Deowine unties her and she points towards a corridor wherre the hobgoblin went. Ned appears near the rope leading up to the surface. The party attack him. Kill him. On the way back across the river the party decide to stop at the island. Raven convinces them there was nothing here. They take the girl back to her father.



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