Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

Kavala estate

Apologies, I forgot characters names

Now in service to Baron Aldred of Gorbin the party have each been given quarters to sleep in. They have been working for him for several months when one morning a rider arrives and is immediately admitted to seein the Baron. Half an hour goes by and a mi or commotion is occurring. The Barons son is seen leaving the castle at speed towards the east. Sir Brunswick, an older knight is in the courtyard and calls the party together to prepare for a journey. The lord is travelling north and wants the party to accompany him.mhe needs to meet with Duke Carnasse. Have to travel to Port Clyster and then on ship to Beltaine. The ship the party is on starts to take on water after losing its mast but makes it to land for repairs. There is a submerged city in sight. The Baron orders the party to investigate. An hour later they arrive at the city. It is located in Marsh and is built from limestone. There are lots of bone and armour scattered about. An old man is sat there. He is the gatekeeper of Kavala. Lord Kavala and his sons were driven from their land and were cursed to never settle until they could build a castle on neither land or water. They came across a beach with a marsh and proceeded to settle and build a city there. It eventually went to ruin and taken over by goblins. Lord Kavala has not risen. The Avenue is lined with broken ruins of buildings. Black Obelisk is the. Idle of a square that is covered in glyphs that no one recognises. There are buildings on all sides of a hexagonal shaped building and a fortress shaped building. There are no secret entrances around the obelisk. They see a figure at the hexagonal building. The glyphs on the obelisk tell the story of Lord Kavala. Investigate the fortress building. Enter through the wreckage of gates into a courtyard. 4 towers here. North tower has an entrance with a tunnel leading to a staircase with a woman in white standing there. Mark walks towards her and the stairs collapse underneath him. The woman laughs then hurls herself towards Mark. Dispatch her and she disappear. There is an alcove with a drum and a pewter cup with jewels. One of the gems is glowing. Head to the hexagon building. Climb the stairs. Door has a skull above it with a statue of hounds on the side. Try door and the dogs animate. Romney takes out some bacon and tries to tempt the dogs with it. It works. He takes them. He takes them out into the courtyard and tells them to stay. They now open the door without any interruptions. They enter a large domed chamber,mhe floor has spiral patterns with a large slab heading down with 3 skeletons on floor. One of them has an ebony staff. The slab is lifted to reveal a spiral staircase. Old bones at the base. Intersection with 2 3 metre corridors. North portal, South 2 doors. Head south there is actually 4 doors. 1st door, living room with 8 beds and tapestry on wall depicting necromancy. Stuart tries to burn it but it doesn’t burn well. Try the door opposite. Living quarters again. Next door is a library. It has a small magnifying lense. Opposite door is a small room with silver crescent motif on wall. Lever it out of the wall. Continue on through the corridor which leads west. Large mahogany portal at end of corridor which opens into a room. Treasure room.. Another door, another corridor. Half way down is another corridor heading east. The corridor continues North. Another door. Wide chamber with 9 skeleton soldiers. Stuart charges in and chops a soldier to pieces. The other 8 surround him. The party dispatches them. On the floor is long dead bodies that have appeared to be slain in battle. Go back to the spiral staircase and continue going down. There are niches is walls with skeletal remains. There are water marks on the walls. There is a heavy bar that says do not proceed. Raven lifts the bar and sees rocks falling. She manages to evade them. Enter through the door. It’s all pitch black. Eventually push through the darkness into a sunny room. 12 chairs are here. Chess pieces on the floor. Raven and Mark sit in a chair. Their companions disappear and a ghostly figure appears and says welcome to Kavalas game. Rest of the party are asked what they will give to free the 2 companions. There are no exits from this chamber. He wants 2 artifacts. Legendary sword of Ildyr the king and sword of Olveron the elf. Must bring one of these back to him with a year and a day or else. Bad things will happen. The party agree and the 2 companions are released…..



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