Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

eyes, mouth, hand and sword

A young by the name of Ruprect is going to be the guide to the tower. For some reason the villagers want him gone. He takes them past the woodsman hut then on further south to a rickety bridge over a swamp. They go across 1 by 1 after following Deowine across who stomps across. Raven cartwheels across while Maus crosses safely followed by Marwin who spreads himself on the floor at an even distribution and wriggles across safely. Having crossed the bridge safely the party now find themselves walking on mossy ground. The tower sits upon a small hillock which rises up from the forest floor. There are ruined walls with ivy climbing all over. There is an ivy covered statue next to the open gate. Raven examines the statue and manages to dodge its attack as it springs to life. Maus ropes it with ivy and The party dispatch it. The statue has writing on the back of its head that no one understands. They enter through the gateway into the tower. There is a fountain on the far wall and a well in the middle. The fountain has water pouring from its mouth into a basin that its supported by a stone griffon. The floor has large flag stones but are now covered in weeds. Raven investigates the well and looks in. There is the sound of dripping water below and she can she a statue down the bottom. The party tie a rope around her and she climbs down to have a look. Water is dripping from the ceiling and it feels damp. The statue is black stone scuplted in the shape of a naked human warrior holding a large sword. Above ground Deowine investigates the fountain. It is grotesque in appearance and it has a gem where its eye is. He tries to take the gemstone and finds it is sticky. Raven is lowered onto the statue as there seems to be no landing spot, the statue is somehow floating on the water. Marwin casts perception of sorcery and the eye socket in the fountain,the naked man statue and the water flowing out of the mouth are all glowing. Deowine puts his hand in the mouth and it closes on his fingers trapping him. Marwin attempts to help pull his hand out, its stuck. Deowine puts quarrel bolts into the mouth to lever his hand out and moves the gemstone from eye to eye. Below Raven hears noises and lights her lantern. She sees 6 rows of slots 18 inches tall 6 1 and a half feet long. Each one has a skeleton inside resulting in about 600 tombs. They are starting to animate. She yells to be pulled up and is. Deowine looks at the fountain again while Raven strips naked and lowers back down into the well to swim around the base of the statue. She finds nothing. She climbs back up investigating the sword on her way out, it seems to be an integral part of the statue. Deowine puts the eye back in the socket and then puts another one in the other eye and the mouth opens revealing a scroll case, he then takes the gems. Raven goes down the well again and notices the hand has moved position. It feel warmer to the touch too. Marwin reads the scroll and the statue changes from black to a fleshy bronze colour. The sword glows silver and she grabs the sword. The statue opens its eyes and turns to look at her. Deowine pulls her up. The statue leaps up after her and climbs out. It is speaking in ancient Bacchile and wants its sword back. Deowine attacks it with its own sword and kills it in one blow. They go back to the village of Ereworn and ask for directions to Gullets hollow. The trip takes 3 days and the weather is foul as they approach. It is lightning and they emerge on a high cliff overlooking a small fishing village. To the south is a rocky peninsula with an island. The village comprises of 1 storey buildings with the inn being a 2 storey building. They enter into a darkened room lit only by the light from the fireplace. There is a figure hunched in front of it. The barman looks like he hasnt slept in days. Marwin buys drinks for all including the figure by the fire. He turns and he has black hair and black beard with a gold earring. He asks if the party would listen to him for a while. Raven sits on his lap and starts nibbling his ear and pockets his earring in the process. His name is Captain Rakehell. He tells a s tory about Sulphur bay and gestures toward the promontory. He was told to carry a casket across it to some friends and asks if the party will do it. They have to go at midnight at low tide. There is a crystal in the casket.



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