Life and Death Are Only a Dice Roll Away...

attempted assassination of Baron Aldred
stuff happens at interesting places

At the castle of Baron Aldred, the hour is late as the party are standing watch o the battlements. Towards the hall a welcoming fire glitters through the shadowy windows when they hear a shout coming from the hall. A figure approaches the party, it is the Barons oldest son who stops and peers towards the tower. An attempt was made on the Barons life. Luckily his dog ate the food that contained poison. The culprit was Ulfader, a knight staying for the night. A horse has been taken from the stables and Ulfader has fled the castle. He orders the party to chase him and bring him back alive. Maus casts pursuit to help track him. He is heading towards Karrock bridge, and it is not long before the party find his tracks. He left the road and started travelling across land. They find his dead horse hidden in a ditch, it cant have been more than an hour ago. They continue to track him across the moors. Soon reach some hovels where dogs bark at the approach of the party. A door opens and a man appears. Ulfader passed not long ago heading towards Valour Hall. The hall is reputed to be haunted. A wooden man was buried there but he is still alive, covered in jewels and gold. They continue on and cross hills and moors to get to the hall. An ancient looking henge is here. There are drips of blood so the party follow them and arrive at the entrance to a barrow mound. There is stone door leading down with icikles hanging down. Maus breaks them down. A vestibule of wood and stone is just inside. A statue of a face with an eyepatch is carved here. There is a greasy patch in the area.Maus throws dust on it and it dissappears. She determines that the eyes on the statue are magical as is the floor. Marwin steps forward into the greasy area and nothing happens. Raven steps forward and continues down the hall. Nothing happens. There are murals on wall. The passage narrows further in down the barrow. Marwin casts warning. The tunnel is about 15 metres long with what looks like a pit further up the tunnel.There are passages to either side. They take them one by one. 1st passage has a curtain which Sir Cadwin opens to reveal a man standing next to a table and the smells of home made cooking. His name is Alfus and he invites them in to eat. He is wearing a gold torc around his neck and ruby studded bands around his wrist. Leith realises the whole room is full of sorcery and tells the others. Marwin and Sir Cadwin enter. Leith drinks with the man while they all ask questions about Ulfader. He has gone deeper into the barrow. The next passage has a cave in so they move onto the next one. It leads to a room full of hunting items. The next room has a couldren on its side and colours on the roof, Sir Cadwin goes back to talk to Alfus about them but he has gone. They reach the pit which has a very narrow bridge across it. At the bottom lies a pit full of snakes with a wooden pole with an egg shaped object haning there. The egg is magical. Raven is tied off with a rope and gingerly makes her way across the narrow path which is no more than a spike or a pole across the gap. She ties the rope off onto the pole and lowers herself down and grabs the egg. She throws it back in the general direction of the party and Marwin catches it. She climbs back up and continues inching across to other side where a door with curving lines is. She pushes the door open. It reveals a wide chamber with 3 gaunt figures, undead husks on cold slabs. They arise and start moving in on Raven. She retreats and carefully climbs back onto the spike pole path and walks backwards, goading the undead toward her. She stops half way just out of their reach so Leith and Sir Cadwin can shoot at them. One of them falls in, one throws a sword across the gap toward sir Cadwin, narrowly missing Raven on the way. It misses him. One advances onto the pole and slips and falls into the snake pit. The other one goes back into room and emerges with an arm full of plates which it starts throwing across the pit at Raven. She slips but manages to catch the rope and hangs there. Maus goes back into the other room and gets the cauldron which she puts into the snake pit for Raven to stand on while she waits for the last remaining undead to be dealt with. It tries to leap toward the cauldron but misses and ends up in the snake pit too. Raven climbs up and enters the room. It is rectangular with 4 doors. The western door has 3 swords embedded in it, the other 2 are made of stone. Marwin crawls across the pole to join her. No one else wants to risk trying to cross. Sir Cadwin, Leith and Maus go back to investigate the last door. The room has a few skeletons and broken items of pottery. They go back to the cave in and hear a noise, Its Ulfader. A fight ensues with the result of Ulfader being taken captive by Sir Cadwin. Maus goes back to the pit to tell Raven and Marwin they have Ulfader. Before they leave the two of them decide to investigate the doors. One leads to a room full of immeasurable wealth, too much to carry out of here. They decide to leave it and tell the Baron about it when they get back. The other rooms have mummies and another pit. The pit is endless and leads to hell. There is another passage leading off this pit to the side. Marwin attempts to jump across but fails and plummets to his death. Unknown to Raven, he activates his teleportation ring and arrives back at the castle where he informs the Baron of all that has gone on. Raven manages quite easily to climb around the pit into the next passage. It leads to a room with a stone idol of a man with a patch covering one eye. There is an aura above it. Its very old. Behind the statue is a drinking horn which she takes. Goes back and checks the door with the swords. The swords are cursed but she only manages to activate one of them and opens the door. It reveals a circular chamber with a figure of a warrior and also a figure of a crow headed woman. There is another drinking horn here so Raven puts the drinking horn she found here. The warrior statue comes alive and stretches out for the horn He is Ildiar the Pendragon. The woman is his goddess, Lahmfader. She is the goddess of all and everything. Before Raven leaves she asks Ildiar if he can grant her any power. The crow headed statue comes a live, steps forward and says she will handle this. She seems to like Raven and offers her power in exchange for being her avatar on earth. Raven agrees to this. She leaves and joins the party, saying nothing of what transpired. They take Ulfader back to the castle. Baron Aldred is waiting along with Marwin by his side. Ulfader is handed over and given a trial and executed for his crime of attempted murder. The Baron sends men to this barrow which is excavated for its many treasures and wealth. END SESSION

the egg removes poison and wards against danger and reduces critical hits against the person carrying it. Chris keeps it.

Box of Old Bones

players present Susan, Chris and Mark

The sword that was dipped in water is the sword the party have to return to Kaval to remove the curse over Raven and Laith’s head. Back at the castle, Raven keeps having dreams about the sword and a ruined fortress in Norham. The Baron gives permission for three people to leave and are given horses to travel with as long as they are kept intact and returned in one piece. Before they leave Marwen visits the castle library for details on the location of the fortress. It is either located near a pub called Gulleys inn, a logging village called Treyfell or near Osterlin Abbey. They decide to head for Osterlin Abbey. The trip along the road is uneventful. On the south side there is plains, on the north side swamps. There are people in fields, some look like bandits but dont bother the party. Very few inns on the road. Pass through various small villages and arrive late in the afternoon in Treyfell. Everything here is made from wood. There is an outdoor marquee bar. Only one stone building here which is the church. Enter the church. It is a small church, pews are stacked up either side of the walls with an altar at the end. Snoring is coming from behind the altar. Lying on a sack is a very young looking priest. Father Stan is about 17 years of age. Marwen helps to put the church back together after a lumberjack party was held here the night before. Laith asks about board and lodging and are directed to another house. They are told to follow the river as the abbey is located on the river. Marwen still putting the pews back when Raven notices the priest is a woman. Laith casts a spell and determines that she has several protection spells on her. she is wearing a magic ring that protects her mind. She confides in Marwen hat she has to send 10 florins a week home to her family to help support them. She is taking the money from the church collection. They decide to leave her alone as she is not hurting anyone. They stay in the church overnight and head off in the morning. The river is fast but not dangerous so they swim the horses over and follow the river. It is late afternoon when they reach the Abbey. There is a brook running off the river, peasants working in the fields and the abbey has defensible walls around it. Poor people are carrying bundles of pork and grain away from the abbey. They cross the bridge over the brook and see a monk. Marwen approaches to seek information. He seems nervous. It seems Sir Notker and his retinue are here and a pilgrim group are due any moment, there is not a lot of room available for the night but they are given some beds in the monks quarters. They stable the horses and are led through the abbey to the bed pallets. Raven sneaks off to find the Abbott, Marwen and Laith go to the dormitory. A lay brother approaches Laith and he procures 3 beds from him. They are welcome to join the monks for supper after Vespers. This laybrothe knows something about ruins off to the west somewhere. Outside, Raven approaches the abbots house which is past the bridge and near the fish pond. She is showed into a small confessional and told to wait for the abbott. She gives him the goblet that she has been carrying around and spends the next several hours confessing her sins to him. Marwen goes to stables and notices the stableboy is Stans sister. Laith goes to vespers while Marwen talks to the stableboys. After vespes everyone convenes in the dining hall for dinner. The Abbotts table is very quiet and solemn. Sir Notker looks like a crusader. four men and a woman accompany him. They are three knights and a priest and the woman is dressed like a nun. Everyone is invited to the abbotts house afterwards. Raven finds out from father Willibrord that 10 miles out is an ancient ruined hillfort. Rumours are is haunted. Sounds like the place the party is looking for. Marwen talks to Sir Notker, he is on pilgrimage for attonement for the crusades. Then he talks to the priest. Meanwhile Laith talks to the woman who is in mourning for the death of her husband and now works for Sir Notker. Everyone retires for the night. RTaven gets woken up by a grotesque shadow standing over her. The strange shadow looks winged, smoke in the room. It turns out to be the shadow from a carved gargoyle outside. While looking through the window Raven notices a man sneaking around in the courtyard. He puts his hand in horse trough and pulls something out and disappears back into the cloisters. She puts on her invisibilty cloak and races out to follow the man. There is a flicker of light near the entrance to the church. No sign of the monks on duty here. She sneaks to the door but cant open it. She races back to the dormitory and wakes Marwen and Laith. They go back and see a monk and a warrior walking across the files heading towards the church door. Marwen and Laith take the direct approach while Raven continues to approach steathily under her cloak. They all enter the church. The knight strides down the middle towards the altar. There is a screen at the front that he steps behind. A noise of a drawn sword is heard from behind the screen. Notker is there holding a sword. Raven sneaks behind the altar while Marwen and Laith confront Notker. In the compartment are bones. He offers to bribe Marwen and Laith to go away. That doesnt work so Notker yelss that the party are trying to steal the bones and he is trying to stop them. The bones are relics. His party attacks so Raven sneaks up behind him and holds a knifee to his throat and his party stop attacking. They put down their arms. The woman threatens to kill the stable boy or stablegirl unless we let her go, she has them hidden away somewhere. Marwen takes control of Notker while Laith tells a monk to go and get the abbott. Raven, still invisible follows the woman. She runs to the stables and saddles a horse. Raven cuts the straps to the saddle and the woman rides off, only to have the saddle snap and the woman falls into the brook. She returns to the stable and starts saddling another horse. Raven does the same but ends up stabbing the horse which bolts and runs. She grabs another horse, Raven cuts the straps again and the woman falls off and dislocates her leg. Meanwhile the stable girl is found healthy. Raven is told about the finding of the girl and she follows the woman at a leisurely speed. Marion the woman now knows something or someone is following her and throws a dagger In Ravens general direction and misses. Raven shoots her and the arrow goes straight through the body. She finds nothing on the body and goes back to the abbey. Notker and his surviving men are being held in a locked room and awaiting trial. The bones were of Saint Giles, which turn out to be fake ones. Overnight, somehow Notker and his companions disappear. Marwen is allowed to use the library and confirms the ruined hillfort is where they need to go. They return the sword without any problems and the curse is lifted from Laith and Raven.

off to the island

in the morning Captain Rakehill is waiting for the party. The streets seem to be deserted as the party follow a zigzag road leading off into the distance. There are white wailing figures in the distance. Raven shoots one, seems they are not ghosts but people trying to look like ghosts and trying to scare the party away. Maus restrains one. The one that was shot was the inkeeper. The one restrained works for Rakham the inkeeper. He wanted to rob the party. They now have 3 hostages. Raven goes on ahead and triggers a landslide that she dodges. She sees a person that set it and shoots him. The party catch up and they aarive at a cliff where there is an abandoned ruined tower. there are rocks leading down to a sandbar with ropes attached to them. Enter tower. It is full of driftwood which is from Captain Rakehill ship. Deowine climbs to the second floor with Sir Cadwin and Maus following, pushing the prisoners before them. Something hits the first prisoner and knock his head off. Its a stone figure with wings. After killing it the room is an observation room with slits at the top, a bed, bronze mirror, blanket, flint and tinder. Another set of stairs going up. It leads to a parapet with an ash remnant. Raven kicks it and finds a small corroded copper chest. Marwin determines there is something magical inside. some money and a small silver disc of a man immersed in water holding a cross. It is Saint Nautilus of the waves, the patron saint of drowning. The party go down the stairs and outside and head down the ropes over the cliff. Raven stays behind and sets fire to the tower so there will be no place for an ambush later, then climbs down and joins the party on a sandbar. the tide is currently low. There are three wrecked ships here. The party investigate the furthest one out It seems to be a reasonably new wreck called the Winged Flyer. There is a man shaped thing standing in the prow. Raven shoots a it, misses and the man points towards her and curses her. Deowine talks to it and it tells the party to kleave or die. He is covered in barnacles, gems and coins. He points to another ship and says that it has a terrible undead creature inside it and the last ship is empty. Raven shoots it again, he says stop it, she shoots it again twice and kills it. Deowine stays behind to flay the carcass of the man to get the gems and coins. The party go to the next boat. It has a wrecked hullk with a corroded chest. Sir Cadwin makes a deal with one of the remaining prisoners to open the chest in exchange for his freedom. The prisoner unravels the chains and opens the chest. It is full of sand, so he puts his hand in and pulls out a pipe. Marwin blows on it and there is a spell on it. The prisoner yells out Captain Sabre i have brought you a sacrifice. Something grabs Sir Cadwin. Cold is now coursing through his body. A semi transparent white captain is standing there. The party kill it. Sir Cadwin lets the prisoner go as agreed. Laith determines that there is no magic on this ship. Raven finds a bottle of liquid. They go to the last ship, the wreck is almost completely gone. There are footprints leading into a cave here. The tide starts coming in. Inside the cave, it is massive,dark footprints heading into the cave. There are drag marks indicating something as big as a ship was dragged through. They follow and enter a large cavern. Green phosphorescent light illuminates it. There is a battered hulk in here. Rakehill says its his ship. There are six slowly moving zombies coming out of it. The party attack and kill them. The ship seems to be intact. They go to the cabin. The box containing the crystal is not here. The remaining prisoner says an abandoned village on cliffs above has ghosts with a priest living in it. There are more tunnels here that branch left and right. Go left to another cavern with water. Its a well with coins in the water. Raven takes them. They follow another path that leads to a sinkhole. Go back the other way and hear chanting. Pure white light in eminating from here. Raven stealths up to the entrance and sees a black robed priest holding a dagger above a man. Hes also holding a crystal. She sneaks in and grabs the crystal out of his hand. The priest spins around and looks at her and casts a spell, which misses. She stabs him. Sir Cadwin arrives and yells at him to distract him. He now turns his attention to Sir Cadwin and misses. Marwin now arrives and the priest attacks him and misses. Maus arrives and attacks and they kill him. Sir Cadwin cuts the man on the altar free. They join the crystal to the other pieces and it forms a new crystal that starts glowing with prismatic colours. An image of Elveron appears and speaks. Rimfax must be destroyed. Albus must be found. Find the moon gate and open it. Raven puts the crystal into the moonlight. It glimmers within and a hazy pattern on the ground appear. They step in and arrive in icy moonlit night. Inside a burial mound and a dark opening. They enter. A chill is taking hold. An ancient Elvish script is here saying Albus. Savage howling is coming closer. Rimfax a large demon wolf is approaching. Party hide in the barrowmound. Cobweb tombed channel with a skeleton of an Elf is here. It is holding a two handed sword, with a chest at the bottom of an altar. Skeleton raises his hand and gives the sword to Marwin. Earth starts to fall down as Rimfax is burrowing down through the barrow. Raven asks permission and takes the contents of the chest. A torque, cloak, ring and a potion. They head back through the portal. Elveron appears again and says to put the sword in the river Ereworn. Marwin takes the sword, wades in the river and puts sword in. There is a sizzling sound and he takes it out and exits the river. END MODULE. cloak is a cloak of invisibility, Raven takes. The ring summons something to fight for the wearer and torque and potion are unknown.

eyes, mouth, hand and sword

A young by the name of Ruprect is going to be the guide to the tower. For some reason the villagers want him gone. He takes them past the woodsman hut then on further south to a rickety bridge over a swamp. They go across 1 by 1 after following Deowine across who stomps across. Raven cartwheels across while Maus crosses safely followed by Marwin who spreads himself on the floor at an even distribution and wriggles across safely. Having crossed the bridge safely the party now find themselves walking on mossy ground. The tower sits upon a small hillock which rises up from the forest floor. There are ruined walls with ivy climbing all over. There is an ivy covered statue next to the open gate. Raven examines the statue and manages to dodge its attack as it springs to life. Maus ropes it with ivy and The party dispatch it. The statue has writing on the back of its head that no one understands. They enter through the gateway into the tower. There is a fountain on the far wall and a well in the middle. The fountain has water pouring from its mouth into a basin that its supported by a stone griffon. The floor has large flag stones but are now covered in weeds. Raven investigates the well and looks in. There is the sound of dripping water below and she can she a statue down the bottom. The party tie a rope around her and she climbs down to have a look. Water is dripping from the ceiling and it feels damp. The statue is black stone scuplted in the shape of a naked human warrior holding a large sword. Above ground Deowine investigates the fountain. It is grotesque in appearance and it has a gem where its eye is. He tries to take the gemstone and finds it is sticky. Raven is lowered onto the statue as there seems to be no landing spot, the statue is somehow floating on the water. Marwin casts perception of sorcery and the eye socket in the fountain,the naked man statue and the water flowing out of the mouth are all glowing. Deowine puts his hand in the mouth and it closes on his fingers trapping him. Marwin attempts to help pull his hand out, its stuck. Deowine puts quarrel bolts into the mouth to lever his hand out and moves the gemstone from eye to eye. Below Raven hears noises and lights her lantern. She sees 6 rows of slots 18 inches tall 6 1 and a half feet long. Each one has a skeleton inside resulting in about 600 tombs. They are starting to animate. She yells to be pulled up and is. Deowine looks at the fountain again while Raven strips naked and lowers back down into the well to swim around the base of the statue. She finds nothing. She climbs back up investigating the sword on her way out, it seems to be an integral part of the statue. Deowine puts the eye back in the socket and then puts another one in the other eye and the mouth opens revealing a scroll case, he then takes the gems. Raven goes down the well again and notices the hand has moved position. It feel warmer to the touch too. Marwin reads the scroll and the statue changes from black to a fleshy bronze colour. The sword glows silver and she grabs the sword. The statue opens its eyes and turns to look at her. Deowine pulls her up. The statue leaps up after her and climbs out. It is speaking in ancient Bacchile and wants its sword back. Deowine attacks it with its own sword and kills it in one blow. They go back to the village of Ereworn and ask for directions to Gullets hollow. The trip takes 3 days and the weather is foul as they approach. It is lightning and they emerge on a high cliff overlooking a small fishing village. To the south is a rocky peninsula with an island. The village comprises of 1 storey buildings with the inn being a 2 storey building. They enter into a darkened room lit only by the light from the fireplace. There is a figure hunched in front of it. The barman looks like he hasnt slept in days. Marwin buys drinks for all including the figure by the fire. He turns and he has black hair and black beard with a gold earring. He asks if the party would listen to him for a while. Raven sits on his lap and starts nibbling his ear and pockets his earring in the process. His name is Captain Rakehell. He tells a s tory about Sulphur bay and gestures toward the promontory. He was told to carry a casket across it to some friends and asks if the party will do it. They have to go at midnight at low tide. There is a crystal in the casket.

Facing Lord Darion

In the NE tower there are 2 doors, 1 on bottom floor, 1 on next floor.the party start at the base of the tower making their way up. The 1st door is solid and barred from behind. Raven inserts her sword through the door and Sir Cadwin lifts the sword and bar. The door opens, they enter. There are 3 dried husks of people lying here chained to the wall, they look like everything has been drained out of them. In the east corner lies a sarcophagous and a spiral staircase in the NE corner. Marwin finds a secret trapdoor by falling through it into a room below. It contains 6 coffins and a mirror on south wall. Upstairs Sir Cadwin is examining the dead bodies, they each have 2 holes in their necks. Below, Marwin is looking in the mirror and doesnt see the vampire that is about to attack him Sir Cadwin and Raven drop down to assist while Maust and Frosty stay above to shoot arrows at it. After dispatching the vampire the party take to examining the coffins. They are all empty except for one that contains blue mold which a fungus called Tombblight. Whatever it comes into contact with is destroys, so they leave it alone. The vampire had on it a gold signet ring, a scroll case which contains a treaty between Duke Darion and Ambassador Valain. The gist of it is that they will both support each other if needed. The party climb out of this room after Sir Cadwin breaks the mirror. They examine the coffin in theis room, it is identical to the one below and after much experimenting it turns out to be linked to each other and can be used as a transport device. They leave them there. The party take a short rest before heading up the spiral staircase. They are now in a round tower with a throne in it. There is a banner behind it and many tapestries on the walls. Sir Cadwin warns Raven NOT to sit in the chair, instead she investigates the chair and lifts an arm. The banner moves and changes into a staircase leading up to a door in the ceiling. She climbs up it and opens the door, revealing a room that is either a chapel or church. The banner collapses but not before Raven manages to grab the side of the door and pulls herself up. She enters under a table to see a man in purple robes at an altar with a skull. The rest of the party follow. Frosty goes up behind him and taps him on the shoulder, startling him. He is the priest of this place and wants to know if we brought a sacrifice. He is worshipping RIMFAX. Sir Cadwin attacks him and 2 bat like humanoids descend from the roof and attack. After killing the bats, Sir Cadwin bandages the priest up and ties him up for questioning. In the room the skull is lichen covered with horns on it and snakes intertwining between the eyes. In the altar is a spare robe, a censer and a small jewellery case containing 6 black gems. Sir Cadwin wakes up the priest. The gems are curses for whoever owns them. The party leave them be. The Duke is in this tower somewhere. There is a staircase leading up which leads to an octagonal room with 8 doors. Sir Cadwin brings the priest along. This room has a 4 poster bed with a thin shruken man lying in it. There is a fireplace with a roaring fire contained in it. Raven puts the spear through the man in the bed and it turns to dust. Sir Cadwin investigates the 8 doors, flipping every bit of furniture he can find in the process. He then douses the fire. Found in the various rooms are 6 bottles containing arsenic and ground glass mixed with liquid. Sir Marwin climbs inside the fireplace and finds a ladder, he starts to climb up but gets paralysed half way up. Raven opens a tower window and climbs out and up the walls of the tower to the next window above and enters. In here is a man in Ermine looking down the fireplace ladder. Raven attacks with the spear, misses, he starts to cast something and she drops a vial of smoke, dodges and moves past him, good thing as it was a fireball and would have fried her. Downstairs the party have worked out that Marwin needs a code word to move which they work out is Rimfax. Upstairs Lord Darion has Raven semi paralysed and is interrogating her. She can only speak truthfully and tells him why she is here and who sent her. She also asks if she can serve him in any way she can, she craves the sight of blood and wants power. He thinks this over for a few minutes. Meanwhile Marwin has released himself of the paralysis and climbed into the room to hear Lord Darion say WE HAVE A DEAL. KILL HIM FIRST. Raven turns on Marwin who fights back and knocks her out as he thinks she is under some spell to control her. The reest of the party enter and Sir Cadwin picks up the spear tha tRaven has dropped and kills Lord Darion with it. The sword above Ravens head disappears, 1 curse has been lifted from her. Just to be on the safe side Marwin ties her up and puts her next to the tied up priest. When she wakes up she manages to bluff her way out of situation by saying she didnt know what happened. In the room there is a magic plate armour, chest,portrait and a white sheet wrapped over an orange crystal and a magic ring.They untie Raven and she opens the chest to find some money, assorted gems and jewellery, a round silver mirror which is a scrying mirror. The have found another crystal that matches the previous one. Marwin puts them together and they fuse. A voice sounds YOU MUST FIND THE THIRD. GO TO GULLETS HOLLOW. READ THE PARCHMENT. READ IT WELL. The parchment that they found earlier says FABIAN INVITES DARING MEN.YESTERDAY THE OTHER WARRIORS EAGERLY RODE THEIR HORSES EVER NEARER THE HIDEOUS ENEMY. EXHAUSTED YET EXHALTED. MEN OF UNDAUNTED TRUST. TALL HEROES AGAINST NAMELESS DARKNESS. SWORDS WIELDED OVER RISING DOOM. After much deciphering of this the party realise it says FIND MY TOWER THEN THE EYE MOUTH HAND SWORD. Without warning Raven goes into a healing trance, hoping the party will carry her back to the village. Sir Cadwin flips some more furniture. They decide to wait a day in this tower to rest up. Raven wakes up feeling refreshed. Some time during the night the priest has escaped. The party investigate the last tower and find nothing of interest. They go back to the village and enquire about Gullets Hollow. There was a wizard called Fabian and he had a tower in the forest. Gullets Hollow is on the coast.

psycho rampaging assassin
lots of killing, some innocent, some not

After returning the girl home, the party decide to go after Darius 2nd. They approach the road where the black coach is said to frequent. The party climb into the carriage. Inside the carriage it is a dark red velvet and leather interior. Centre of the floor is a bottle holder with goblets around it. The doors close and it is almost pitch black. After an hour it starts to rain. Without warning the rain turns into a raging snow storm. Marwin travels outside the coach on the coachmans seat. He hears moaning coming from the snow. He informs the others. Laith decides to climb out and on top of the coach. He slips and almost falls off. Marwin ties himself off and helps Laith. After 6 hours of travelling they reach a mountaiin range with a castle in it. A gate is in the wall and a bridge. There are 4 towers on each corner of the castle. NW tower is a slim minaret with a peaked top. NE tower look like an attic with windows. The surrounding landscape is covered in snow with carriage marks leading to castle gate. Marwin notices no hoofprints or carriage marks on bridge itself. The carriage veers over towards a chasm and the horses start to trot in mid air. There is an invisible bridge. The gates swim open as the carriage approaches. There is a steep ramp surrounded by steep walls. To the left a row of spikes are on the east wall with skeletons attached. The ramp is about 20 metres long with a door with swords above it. The coach enters the courtyard. To north are icy towers. There are sounds of the portcullis closing behind the party and carriage. There are 2 storey buildings all around the courtyard. There is a low parapet with a well with twisted figures. A ballistrade is leading up wall will statues on either side. Tower to the east is 5 storeys high. Sounds of screeches and flapping coming from there. Statues are along the wall and look tired and stooped. The horses and carriage stop, the party get out. Raven walks towards the staircase and arrows start shooting at her.She avoids the first one and sprints towards the staircase. The snow turns to mud in front of the stair. She vaults over the mud and continues up the stairs. The plinth statues that were here are now alive. Laith follows. The party attack the little men statues. Raven reaches the top of the ballistrade at the brass door and waits for the party while they deal with the statues. Deowine talks to remaining staue and then kills it. The party join Raven at the doors, she picks the lock. Deowine kicks it in only to find 8 zombies waiting behind it. He taunts the zombies but they ignore him throughout the battle. Eventually they are killed. On the 1st floor there are 2 suits of plate armour mounted on stands beside a door. Deowine takes them down and strips the skeletons from them. A nearby tapestry on the wall shows a figure in white performing a ritual in front of a crystal. Raven tries to open the door, it doesnt open. Deowine trie to push it open and again it wont open. Raven knocks on the door but nothing is heard. Deowine finds a nearby floor mosaic with a missing piece in the middle. There is another door nearby in sw tower. They take that. It is a heavy metal bound door. Deowine pushes it open and they enter a warm room with a fireplace and a cauldron over it. There is rack of crossbows in here. A black armoured figure rises from a stool. It speaks. Raven rushes it, Deowine walks towards the crossbows and refuses to enter combat. Raven kicks the cauldron of boiling oil at the figure. The oil trickles down 6 holes in the floor. The party kill the man. Deowine takes its head and starts to taunt it. Then he strips it of its armour to reveal a pig like creature. There is a spiral staircase leading down and a ladder leading up. Deowine climbs the ladder to the rook, sees a guard, grabs him and pulls him down the ladder. It is another frozen pig like creature. They go down the stairs. They enter a room with another staircase going down. There is a closed door with a jar of wolfsbane next to it. Deowine and Raven coat their swords in the wolfsbane and open the door. They are looking into a long corridor that was once a banqueting chamber. Low growling sound is coming from the darkness. A 2m tall wolf creature is coming towardes them. They close the door and hear a thump on the other side. They prepare themselves and open the door and attack the wolf. Deowine confuses it by telling it to sit. It looks at him puzzled.They kill it. Looking back at the door they enter through they can see from this side it a painting of someone. Around the frame it says Darius. The end of this room is 2 doors. NW and NE that look like they lead to towers. They leave these alone for the moment and go back to the staircase. Down the staircase they enter a corridor 10 metres long. Another 2 doors on the right side. The corridor turns left after another 10 metres. Deowine kicks open the 1st door. A room with torches on the walls. Its a plain stone chamber with a a basket with a rope attached. 4 oubliettes are here on the floor. A voice yells out for help from one of the holes. It says Darius is holding him here against his will. Deowine lowers a torch down and sees a grey seething mass with many eyes. He pulls the torch up and pees in the hole on the figure. Another hole has a suit of armour, another bats and the last one seems to be bottomless. They try the 2nd door. It has a torch with a lage grey man inside walking back and forth. It reeks in here like an open grave. Raven enters. The man attaks her, she dodges. He asks who she is. She replies death and i have come for you. It says good, about time. She tells him lie down, he does and she chops its head off. He has keys on him which they take, it seems he was a key caretaker. They investigate the 3 cells in here. Jernoff is in one, a fellow adventurer who has been here for many years and is now an old man. He was looking for a shard of Elven crystals. They let him out and Raven offers to take him back to the previous room for some food and drink. The party let her and she leads him off. Once in the previous room she pushes him into the oubliette with the grey seething mass and then rejoins the party, them not knowing what she did. There is another cell with the sounds of moaning. Deowine unlocks it, pushes Raven in and closes the door and wont let her out. It is actually a corridor so she sneaks down it to find anothe room with a rack with a man on it with 4 skeletons around it. She takes out her sword, races to the rack, dodges the skeletons, climbs on it and kills the man. She then gets off and continues across the room through another door, leaving the skeletons behind wondering what just happened. She comes to the end of a corridor with a shaft leading down. She turns around and goes back to the skeletons and start admonishing them for taking their time at killing the man. The rest of the party eventually decide to come and see what is happening and find Raven sternly telling off the skeletons. Laith smashes them all to pieces. They all go on to investigate the shaft. Raven climbs down and finds a mass of walking undead creatures at the bottom so she climbs back up and they leave it alone. They get the idea that these undead are not at rest as they want something. The party get the body of the key keeper and throw it down the hole hoping this body will put the undead to rest. They go back upstairs to the NW door tower. There are now indows or light but a circular staircase is leading up. Deowine goes up and hears noises and voices. The party follow. They find a carved oak door with bronze handle. 3 skeletons lying in front of the door with identical wounds on their chests. She knows there is a trap here but cant find it so she crouches down and crawls to the door and opens it. 3 spears come out just above her head and the door opens. Beyond is a bed chamber covered with thick dust. It has a mirror, set of drawers and a bed with a skeletal blond haired body wearing the remnants of a nightdress. They find a sheet of parchment with the following words…. You will soon learn that it is futile to resist me. my patron has promised that you will be mine forever. Perhaps a spell of confinement will teach you some manners. Signed D.

ned the hobgoblin

The party return to the ship and it continues up the coast on its journey. Beltaine town is about 25000 population large. the Duke is in a very small castle. It has 4 floors a mile and half outside of town. Deowine visits the town library and meets Marwin the Black, a warlock who seems to be in a hurry to leave town. They find out about Ereworn and particularly about Elveron and the elves. He passed on his knowledge and put up wards to protect people. Someone failed to re enable one of the wards one day and all the wards failed and bad things started to happen. This was approximately 30 years ago or so. Ereworn consists of small hamlets and the main town called Ereworn. the party must find one called Gullets hollow and go there by boat. They take the cheeky bottom, a galley with sails and oars. they sail up the east coast up to the top and on the 3rd day see a huge fire burning. They ignore it and continue along the coast entering the west coastline and find Gullets Hollow. It is not very big and consists of a pier and 6 buildings. They go visit old Amish the headsman. There are stocks in the middle of town with a man it. Continue on to find old Amish. The door opens by a young man who takes them to see Amish. A woman enters, it is Amish. She tell the party it would be wise to leave. If they want to go to Ereworn they should head north on the road to Elveron. They join a wagon heading north, its a very uneventful trip. Arrive in Ereworn. It is supposed to be the biggest town around. to the west is a rive with a forest that comes right up to the town. The fields are overgrown. There is a castle on the hill. Many doors to the huts are swinging open. 3 figures hang from the gallows. They enter the horned satyr inn which is very run down and very cold inside. Some men are sitting around a table. Sir Cadwin, Raven and Marwin are inside talking to the men. They are given drinks. The rest of the party enters after having tried to placate a dog outside of town. The chief talks to the party. He wants to pay 20gp for someone to enter the forest and return with old Ned the hobgoblins head. The party agree and are given rooms for the night. In the morning they hear a scream. Outside a girl is in a barrel being rolled off into the forest by a hobgoblin. The chief wants her found before dawn the next day. Follow the path the barrel made. 2 miles south is a black tower. They enter a clearing with fog. A moaning figure in bandages approaches and sir Cadwin interprets this as an attack and attacks the person. Raven tackles the figure to the floor and Cadwin starts to pull the bandages off. It turns out to be a leper. He tells about the tower. It had a powerful magician called Fabian inside who gave him a red stone. He gives it to the party in exchange for some food. He also gives a parchment that reads….. Fabian invites noble daring men. Yesterday the other warriors eagerly rode their horses ever nearer the hideous enemy. exhausted yet exulted. men of undaunted trust.hall heroes against nameless darkness. swords wielded over rising doom… anothe half hour into the forest they find a barrel. The girl is in a hollow tree with the hobgoblin. They attack and the hobgoblin explodes and both girl and hobgoblin have disappeared. Theres a pice of cloth in the tree. A thin trail w. A muddy trail eas. Follow boot prints east. the path is well used. Soon find a note attached to a tree…trespassers will answer with there lives… enter the clearing and there is lamplight coming from a cabin. Raven investigates. It has a stone chimney , a wood pile and windows. there is a woman in simple clothing preparing food. Deowine and Cadwin approach the door. Cadwin demands answers from her about Ned the hobgoblin. They leave and continue past the hut along a path. The mist becomes that thick they can hardly see the person in front of them. The path opens into a clearing. It is a glade with a river going through it. 3 mounds are herre. a path is going over the river.the river has a boat. Raven investigates the burial mounds. 1 is larger than the others. A creature rises out of the grave and talks to her. It wants her to undertake a case against Darion the 2nd. He demands vengeance. Darion the 1st was murdered by his brother along with his wife and child. He lives in his castle. Raven must do this or die. Since she has no choice she agrees. The rest of the party watching see a sword appear 2 metres above her head appear. She is unaware of this. The spectre gestures to a grave and request Raven dig up a gauntlet. While wearing the gauntlet Raven can remove a spear from a nearby oak tree and use it to kill the ghosts brother Darion the 2nd. The spear is glowing, embedded in an oak tree and surrounded by skeletons. Raven does as instructed and puts on the gauntlet and pulls out the spear. It is then she notices the sword above her head and asks Dariona bout it. It is the sword of Damoclese. She asks about Ned the hobgoblin. Must go south over a road and a river and find him in a well. The body of his wife is in the river somewhere. DFarion castle is east up the road. It will take a day to get there. They continue across the river to find Ned. They come across a hut in a clearing. Raven enters and the hut door closes. It rises up on stilts and takes off running into the forest. The party takes chase and attack the hut. They kill the hut. They emerge onto a road. Hear hooves and a black carriage with 4 black horses appear. It leaves. Along the road tress loom over each side. They reach 3 gallows. A womans body is hanging here surrounded by black figures in shadow. 6 ghouls emerge and attack. Raven cuts her down while the party deal with the ghouls. She is Elan, one of the last of the cunning folk. She was travelling to a monastery. It has a chalice that no one can touch. She dies before she can say more. The continue on the path to the river. Footprints near the river plus a piece of a girls dress. There is a boat. A man appears, his name is Thomas. He smells full of cologne. He accompanies the party across the river. Both Raven and Cadwin push Thomas over the side of the boat. He comes back as a bat and attacks. Raven dives out and swims to the nearby island. The others continue rowing on and land on the far side of the river. Eventually reach a clearing witha well. Hobgoblin tracks lead to a well. It is a bout 10 metres deep. Back on the island Raven finds a chapel partly inruin. There is a beautiful silver chalice with light shining down on it. She approaches the chapel and takes the chalice. She swims back a cross the river and eventually joins the party. Deowine and Marwin climb down the well and find a secret latch. It opens into another passage with a door mat. They hear a call for help. Deowine charges in. The rest of the party climb down. The girl is behind a curtain tied to roots of a tree. Deowine unties her and she points towards a corridor wherre the hobgoblin went. Ned appears near the rope leading up to the surface. The party attack him. Kill him. On the way back across the river the party decide to stop at the island. Raven convinces them there was nothing here. They take the girl back to her father.

Kavala estate
Apologies, I forgot characters names

Now in service to Baron Aldred of Gorbin the party have each been given quarters to sleep in. They have been working for him for several months when one morning a rider arrives and is immediately admitted to seein the Baron. Half an hour goes by and a mi or commotion is occurring. The Barons son is seen leaving the castle at speed towards the east. Sir Brunswick, an older knight is in the courtyard and calls the party together to prepare for a journey. The lord is travelling north and wants the party to accompany him.mhe needs to meet with Duke Carnasse. Have to travel to Port Clyster and then on ship to Beltaine. The ship the party is on starts to take on water after losing its mast but makes it to land for repairs. There is a submerged city in sight. The Baron orders the party to investigate. An hour later they arrive at the city. It is located in Marsh and is built from limestone. There are lots of bone and armour scattered about. An old man is sat there. He is the gatekeeper of Kavala. Lord Kavala and his sons were driven from their land and were cursed to never settle until they could build a castle on neither land or water. They came across a beach with a marsh and proceeded to settle and build a city there. It eventually went to ruin and taken over by goblins. Lord Kavala has not risen. The Avenue is lined with broken ruins of buildings. Black Obelisk is the. Idle of a square that is covered in glyphs that no one recognises. There are buildings on all sides of a hexagonal shaped building and a fortress shaped building. There are no secret entrances around the obelisk. They see a figure at the hexagonal building. The glyphs on the obelisk tell the story of Lord Kavala. Investigate the fortress building. Enter through the wreckage of gates into a courtyard. 4 towers here. North tower has an entrance with a tunnel leading to a staircase with a woman in white standing there. Mark walks towards her and the stairs collapse underneath him. The woman laughs then hurls herself towards Mark. Dispatch her and she disappear. There is an alcove with a drum and a pewter cup with jewels. One of the gems is glowing. Head to the hexagon building. Climb the stairs. Door has a skull above it with a statue of hounds on the side. Try door and the dogs animate. Romney takes out some bacon and tries to tempt the dogs with it. It works. He takes them. He takes them out into the courtyard and tells them to stay. They now open the door without any interruptions. They enter a large domed chamber,mhe floor has spiral patterns with a large slab heading down with 3 skeletons on floor. One of them has an ebony staff. The slab is lifted to reveal a spiral staircase. Old bones at the base. Intersection with 2 3 metre corridors. North portal, South 2 doors. Head south there is actually 4 doors. 1st door, living room with 8 beds and tapestry on wall depicting necromancy. Stuart tries to burn it but it doesn’t burn well. Try the door opposite. Living quarters again. Next door is a library. It has a small magnifying lense. Opposite door is a small room with silver crescent motif on wall. Lever it out of the wall. Continue on through the corridor which leads west. Large mahogany portal at end of corridor which opens into a room. Treasure room.. Another door, another corridor. Half way down is another corridor heading east. The corridor continues North. Another door. Wide chamber with 9 skeleton soldiers. Stuart charges in and chops a soldier to pieces. The other 8 surround him. The party dispatches them. On the floor is long dead bodies that have appeared to be slain in battle. Go back to the spiral staircase and continue going down. There are niches is walls with skeletal remains. There are water marks on the walls. There is a heavy bar that says do not proceed. Raven lifts the bar and sees rocks falling. She manages to evade them. Enter through the door. It’s all pitch black. Eventually push through the darkness into a sunny room. 12 chairs are here. Chess pieces on the floor. Raven and Mark sit in a chair. Their companions disappear and a ghostly figure appears and says welcome to Kavalas game. Rest of the party are asked what they will give to free the 2 companions. There are no exits from this chamber. He wants 2 artifacts. Legendary sword of Ildyr the king and sword of Olveron the elf. Must bring one of these back to him with a year and a day or else. Bad things will happen. The party agree and the 2 companions are released…..

Norham woods

It is dawn and the party are practising in the fields. Noktar approaches them. Sir Bjorn, a servant to the baron wants to talk to them. They go see him. He wants the party to investigate Norham woods which is located by the hills. He will pay for our services. It seems the Barons tax collector passed by with 4 full saddlebags of taxes. A few days ago his horse came back alone and the money was missing. The party must find out what happened. He also wants a certain sword found and returned.
The journey takes 1 and half days when they come across a muddy path leading into Norham. They enter a building where a cow is being roasted over a spit. The village chief agrees to feed the party for a small fee. They find out that the tax collector rode past about 4 days ago and shortly after 2 men were seen following him on horseback. Shortly after that the tax collectors horse came back and then the 2 men reappeared looking very nervous.
In the morning the party set off for Hobbs Dell. A freezing fog hangs in the air. An iron railing fence blocks the way. There is an empty space where a gate used to be and a bloody tatter of cloth is hanging across this gap. There is also a 2 foot black crucifix hanging here on the fence. It reeks of strong magic. Raven and Sir Cadwin slide underneath into the other side. They find a cracked stone slab which looks like a sarcophogus. on it are runes that read To rest, To wait, To guard. The rest of the party follow them in and they all lift the lid of the sarcophogus. Inside is a pile of mouldy bones. Sir Cadwin investigates the coffin by romoving the bones, searches it and finding nothing tries to put the bones back in roughly the same position it was in after playing around with various positions first.
towards the north is the fence, towards the south are stepping stones, the east is fog and west is the gate. towards the north is a rust coloured smear on the path. It looks like someone tried to crawl further towards the east. They follow the blood trail. They follow it about 8 meters in and Raven loses the trail due to the fog being too thick to see. They turn around and go back out of the fog and decide to follow the stones. 40 meters in the path widens NE and E. the east path seems more slightly worn so they follow that one. There are sharp flints on the path and puddles are on each side of the path. A patch of dirt rises from the side where a grave is and a zombie attacks.
After dispatching the zombie they continue on the path. There is a sword poking up from the grass. Sir Cadwin picks it up. Another 10 meters on and they reach another path heading NW. They keep heading East. There is a bad smell permeating through the air and they can hear running water nearby. The path turns around a stagnant pond with an island of trees in the middle. Bats fly from the trees and over the party. The water is shallow enough to wade through so Raven goes across the pond towards the island. There are things in the water that keep brushing against her. She reaches the island and climbs up a tree as this is the only way onto the island. There is nothing here, it appears it is only the bats home. She sets the trees on fire because she can and retreats back across the pond to the party. They keep following the path until they reach a river. A pole looms from the fog with a body hanging from it wearing the colours of Baron Aldred. He is also wearing a sword. It seems this is the sword that the party were asked to find. On further investigation of this sword they find a hidden parchment inside the hilt. It reads The old wolfs days are numbered. 2 local lords side with us. I shall be visiting Ulric. Make sure the castle is guarded by our own men on the day of the hunt. signed your brother Bjorn. They pocket the swaord and parchment for future use.
They keep following the path and hear a voice from the other side of the river. It is calling out to Sir Deowine. Its yelling out that travellers should hear me. It is a slender elf girl dressed in green carrying a bow. She tells Sir Deowine that we have entered Tuannons gardens and he is evil. She tries to get Sir Deowine to come over and join her for some fun. There is no way across unfortunately. They move on and keep following the path. They come across an iron shod halberd on the ground pockmarked with rust. It emanates evil so Maustic tells the party to leave it alone so they leave it and move on. They find themselves reaching apath that forks 4 ways. A pebble is rolling along the ground. Raven kicks it and a hand reaches up through the dirt towards Raven. It is another zombie. After they dispatch it they continue NE. 2 paths eventually join this one, evil is strong in the air. A zombie appears, they kill it and move on. Sir Deowine finds a curious stone plinth in the fog. It is an ancient sundial. It is both an ornament and a safeguard. Underneath it is a yellow gem. It says sunlight banish skyjewel sear. Sir Cadwin takes it.
They continue on and find a burial mound covered in grass around a stone entrance. There are 5 blue skulls positioned around it. As they approach the skulls start jabbvering to each other in a high pitched tone. Raven and Sir Cadwin smash them all. Inside the mound they reach a chamber. A figure is gliding towards the party. A silver clasp is holding a cape on the shoulder, it wears a crown of leaves on its head and attacks. After killing it Sir Deowine loots the corpse. While he is doing this Raven finds a door and sneaks through. Frosty Pegg and Laith join her. They find stone slab with treasures inside. The rest of the party finally notice and follow them into this room.
They head back to town and hear voices ahead on the path. Frosty Pegg and Raven sneak around and find Bjorn speaking to 2 other men. They both climb trees in case of ambush and wait for the party to approach the men. Sir Cadwin, Sir Deowine and Laith approach the party while Maustic sneaks around to the horses and takes the saddlebags. Sir Deowine and Bjorn swap money and sword, not realising the parchment is now missing. A bit further up the road the men stop and turn around. Seems like they have found the parchment is missing. They attack. The party dispatch the men and take Bjorn captive. They return him to Baron Aldred for justice. The party join Baron Aldreds services.

loot found 80 florins, electrum torque, 2 silver wrist bands, gold ring and emerald set into copper diadem

Velanders tomb

The party travels across country with Bretwald the cleric. They soon reach a choice, they can either go cross country and take a short cut or continue along the road. They take the short cut. Along the way they gather mushrooms and stop to chase sheep for lunch. Continue on and its soon dark. They set camp, 2 people are seen running towards them. They are kings messengers. They stop to talk. They have a message from Baron Gorbon to Ongus. They say the forest is haunted by elves. They stay the night and continue on in the morning. The party continues and soon reach a town where Bretwald goes into and returns carrying sacks and shovels. At evening he takes the party to the tree that has the magic thread tied to it. They follow it, walking all night and in the morning enter a clearing with a rock. There is an arch over the rock covering the doorway up. They dig out the doorway. After 2 hours they come across a solid oak door, open it and enter. There are stairs leading down to darkness. They light a lantern and descend. They are in a gothic corridor with a tapestry on one wall of warriors in battle. They pull it down, a corridor is behind it. There are cobbles on the floor. They enter a room. The floor is made of smooth black quartz with red glowing symbols on it. Hieronymus thinks the symbols are a map and takes a drawing of them. Thee is also a chest in here that Raven opens carefully but still manages to set off a gas trap. The party retreat until it dispels. There is 200 silver coins and a bag tied with human hair. Deowine takes it. They go back to the main corridor and 2 portcullises drop down trapping them in. They lift one and continue on. The passage leads on to a south corridor that is glowing, a western door and northern door. They go north and enter a long hall with a podium of grey marble with a silver goblet on top. There is another door leading on. The podium has a fave carved into it. As they approach the face starts blowing wind at them and they get blown back. Maus shoots an arrow into the mouth stopping it. Raven continues into the room when the face spits the arrow out. It blows Raven back out into the corridor. Deowine opens the bag and the air goes into it. He picks up the goblet and continue on. They enter a corridor with another corridor going eat west. They go east to a room with a bronze helmet against the opposite wall. Deowine steps into and gets stuck by fine strands of something. A giant spider starts descending towards him, he takes out his bag of air, points it at the spider and opens it. The air sends everyone way back into the corridor. Raven tumbles across the room, dodging the spiderwebs and retrieves the helmet which Deowine takes. It has a visor with a glass mirror attached. He puts it on and can see shadows. They continue the opposite way, setting off a giant swinging axe. Damage is taken by some members. The corridor is blocked by a purple energy barrier which is located between 2 alcoves. The alcoves have purple liquid and grey liquid. Deowine goes through the barrier and starts cowering in fear. Hieronymous goes through and is not affected. Everyone goes through except for Raven who refuses to go. They continue on a find an underground river with 2 quays. On the other side is a statue, it moves. There is a rope bridge. Meanwhile Raven decides to join them and drinks the grey liquid, turns slightly to stone and goes through the barrier. She drops in fear and starts screaming. Deowine and Laith hear her and go back for her. On seeing them she screams even louder and runs in the opposite direction. Deowine just laughs so Laith goes after her. She runs blindly through the complex and up a rope ladder into a cavern with a tree and a huge red dragon in there with a huge hoard of treasure.. She screams even louder and starts running circles around the chamber as she doesnt know where else to go. It starts talking to her which makes her scream even louder and running faster. Laith finally catches up and talks to the dragon. They try to calm her which doesnt work. The dragon puts a sleep spell on them both and when they wake up they are both cured of their ills. They sit down to have a nice talk with the dragon, Raven tries to seduce it but fails. His name is Fengal, he was a companion to the wizard Malthor who was Velanders wizard. They ask about various things including traps in the area and various monsters in the tomb. He mentions a Gorgon roaming the tunnels and a magic wand close by that shoots fire from one end and ice from the other end and if shot quickly enough it can break stone. They are allowed anything they find in the tomb but not his treasure hoard. She reassures him they dont want his treasure. She keeps it talking while Laith backs off and goes to the next room to find the wand. It is hanging from the roof spinning around. He reaches up and grabs it and comes back to Raven and Fengal. They eventually take their leave of the dragon and rejoin their companions who are getting nowhere trying to pass the statue. They dont mention anything about the dragon or wand or any information they found out. Deowine knows they are hiding something and retraces their steps back to the dragon who talks to him and repeats everything to him. He plays a rhyming riddle game with Fengal and earns some money. Deowine rejoins the group in time to see Laith using the wand on the statue to destroy it. The statue contained a short short which Deowine takes and they cross the rope bridge one person at a time. There is a short stairway beyond leading into a chamber with an altar. On the altar is a crucifix. Bretwald goes to the altar, kneels and prays. He cstands up, glowing briefly and wants to continue. There are double doors in the west wall and a small door in the north wall. Open the small door leads to an eat west corridor. East has red lamps hanging from the ceiling, as Raven goes forward they dim and turn redder. The corridor is an illusion with a huge pit barring the way. They retreat back the way they come. They try the double doors and enter a t corridor. Deowine notices someone in the shadows of the next corridor, puts his helmet on and jumps in front of it shouting ooedy boogedy. It is the Gorgon which Raven and Laith failed to mentioned to the group. Luckily he surprised it and it sees its own reflection and turns to stone. It was a sorceress called Elaine who was cursed into a gorgon. They open a door behind her which leads to a balcony. They can see a pillar of green light and in this light is a horse with a man wearing a crown standing there with 12 swords standing guard around him. There is also a gold casket. Go back and try the double doors. It leads into a dusty room. Grinning skeletons start hurling themselves at the party. They reatreat, slamming the door behind themselves. They open the doors again only to let one skeleton out at a time and soon dispatch them with little effort. They re enter the room to find a chest against one wall and a key. Raven takes the key and opens the chest which contains many things. Deowine uses the bag of air in the chest and it blows all the stuff out of the chest. It contained a quiver with 6 arrows, a gold robe clasp, 2 stopped glass jars, a parchment case with a scroll, a large silver sceptre and an ivory crucifix which Bretwald takes. The rest is divided up amongst the party. They go back to the balsony and start to descend the spiral staircase. Raven leads and sees some a pair of glowing eyes drifting towards her. It coalesses into a spectre of a man. It is Morgren. Raven tries to seduce it, and fails. Laith shoots the wand at it and misses, he dodges it. Bretwald yells out get the swords so Raven dodges past the spectre and manages to fall over the side of the stairs onto the floor below. Bretwald follows her. She grabs a sword and runs back up the stairs to join combat and throws it at Maus who misses the catch. It appears back in Ravens hand. They eventually kill the spectre and continue down the stairs to the gold casket. Raven opens it. It contains no treasure but a silver crown, a handfull of grain, a wooden cross, a simple ploughshare and a leatherbound book. Bretwald is mightily dissappointed there is no treasure. They journey back to town and find that Le Cloche is still in no fit condition to travel.


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